QoL change: Auto-reject Corp Invites

Ok, just a simple thing really, that i do not think should be too difficult to implement.

We already have the ability to check a box “reject duel invites”

How about a place check a box to auto-reject corp invites.
Reason for this: So you do not have to worry about getting such invites and notifications without having to check the mail setting “block unknown users”. This way you do not get corp invites, but you can still receive chat invites and mail from just about any one.

2nd reason for this, is this is EvE and there are many ways of going about to recruit individuals, without going around and spamming every one you see with an actual corp invite.
Leave that spamming crap in games like WoW, SWTOR, and the like.


So, this has been asked 2+ years ago, and as far as I can tell, the feature is still missing (likely has been asked previously as well, so it’s probably been 10+ years). Why? Unless some esoteric coding issue is at fault, it should be trivial to patch the function into the game.

I periodically get spam invites to random corps every week, while being the owner of my own corp that I have no intentions of ever leaving. I don’t want to auto-block all incoming chat requests, but I DO want to auto-block all unsolicited corp invites.

CCP, this is a basic QoL setting that should be in any MMO worth it’s salt. It shouldn’t take a lot of your programmer’s time (please feel free to correct me if I’m very much mistaken) and would improve the overall experience for your players. Kindly patch it in.