Block Unknown Characters in Mail & Comms settings also blocks Fleet invites?

Hi all,

Firstly, I opened a support ticket on this over a month ago, but CCP has done literally nothing with this and it’s still in an “Open” state with me sending follow up comments into the abyss (CCP, why?), so I’m curious what’s going on with this setting…

In leu of the Retro-Recruit crap going on and all the spamming “Get your free 1 million SP here!”, I’ve chosen to “Block Unknown Characters” in my Mail & Communication Settings.

Apparently in doing so, this also blocks Fleet invites from Corpmates, which seems like an odd behavior. Wouldn’t one expect that characters in your own player built corporation, would not be considered “unknown”?
I understand this would be a bit more understandable for NPC Corps, but there has to be a way for the software to know the difference.

I’ve tried maxing out the CSPA charge instead, but I still get spam messages and this is all insufferable to the point that I leave one toon in Jita and just move stuff a few systems out to stay away from it. In the end, the mechanic here seems like strange behavior.

How does one push for an update from CCP on an open ticket, since I haven’t had any movement on this? Seems odd to have Omega accounts without any sort of support… I know forums aren’t a guaranteed reply, but figured I’d try here since CCP has given me nothing.

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