You are not allowed to contact XXXXX

Hey there, first message here !

[edit, precision : I’m an alpha account]
I’ve chatted with somebody the other day, then added him to my contacts.
I’m trying to send him a message (the Eve’s “email” way) but I get this :
“You are not allowed to contact [character’s name]”

I dug a bit on the topic ;

So now I’m turning towards you fellow capsuleers, hoping you’ve got a satisfying answer (different than “take a ticket”, bcs I know that answer already and I’ll apply it if this thread doesn’t lead anywhere :wink:

Thanks for your time in advance

ps : not sure where to post this, I prefered to not bother the technical service… yet :slight_smile:

Probably put you on their ignore list. :stuck_out_tongue:

You got blocked, I would guess

Didn’t think about it…
Dang him !
Thanks mates

Fly dangerously!

You can always avange this vile act of his by hunting him down and for extra justice pod him as well in the process. :wink:

Yarrrrr !!!
Hmm, I mean heck yeah I will !

Don’t forget to post the (z)killmail(s) here. :innocent:

Is a Bug, the people who cant receoive mail or communications need open your Chat windows ( the three bars there ) and probably is somnething in ignore. Is not useful, but is the way is it.

I had a a problem When you try to send an evemail to ladyoflight i get this answer “You are not allowed to contact ***”,

Was fixed opening mail window, settings, unblock block unknown chars. Not intuitive at. all

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there’s an option to block evemails from “unknown characters” so I assume if they didn’t put you on their contacts list you can’t eve mail them.

either that or they blocked you but unless that conversation was rather rude I doubt that happened.

Chainsaw_Plankton :
Actually the discussion was excellent, talked about IRL planets, exo life, Fermi, Schrodinger’s cat…
We added each other as mates. I can see every time he logs in n out.
Wanted to add more about the topic few days later but… couldn’t send that, still can’t.

Uriel the Flame : hehehe, ok, I’ll show you how easily he’ll butcher me, if my hounds ever pick up his scent (not easy in space, believe me) !

Inactive_Seller : Just in case, I followed your instruction, in vain. Thanks for helping btw, appreciate this !

Okay that’s weird, you can have someone on your buddy list but also have them blocked.

So I guess it’s possible they blocked you accidentally? It’s an option in the right click menu and there doesn’t seem to be any conformation popup so it’s something that seems like it would be pretty easy to do on accident.

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