After this many years I should know this but…Ok I rec’d an eve mail about xxx has left the corp and moved to null, that’s fine, then I went to reply to this person saying thanks for the heads up and got " You may not Contact this person" so I am assuming they blocked me ( It’s a first) am I correct and if so if I am blocked how can they send me an eve-mail?

If you are ceo, you get notifications when someone joins or leaves corp. So it was probably a automated eve mail

I am a recruitment officer not a CEO and the eve-mail was signed by a non officer member who I have been having problems with. thanks for the reply

Ok, most likely they sent an evemail then blocked you from contacting them.

Ok just want to make sure before I take any action…never had this happen before

You can send mail to people you blocked, they just can’t reply to it. Perhaps he blocked just you, perhaps he blocked the whole corp.

I don’t know anyone who would want to block someone without good reason.

It is also possible to limit incoming EVEmails to people on your contact list (so as only people who are on your contact list can mail you, including negative standings). Try from a neutral (non-corp) alts to see if this is the case.

no just me…

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