Great Idea! Stop ESI abuse to spam new players

Today I extracted skills from an unused alt, quit the corp and instantly received an invitation to join Amarrian Investment and Trade Company from a player who wasn’t even in local, wasn’t even in the noob corp chat.

I messaged the character who insinuated that they’re using the ESI to collect and spam people not in a corp.

I see a lot of chatter about new player retention. These corps are all geared towards enriching themselves through taxes. I see nothing in this corp’s history that suggests otherwise. These greedy money grabbing corps are a big part of why players quit IMHO. New players who join these corps rarely, if ever, get any kind of help or support. They exist only to leech money out of them.

CCP, Please help to limit this type of abuse of the ESI system.


      Channel ID:      private_cb830e40b2f811eca67d9abe94f5aa9b
      Channel Name:    Private Chat (2)
      Listener:        Gailden Flaunt
      Session started: 2022.04.03 02:50:18

[ 2022.04.03 02:50:23 ] Gailden Flaunt > hello
[ 2022.04.03 02:50:54 ] Aurora Vuld > Hello
[ 2022.04.03 02:51:03 ] Gailden Flaunt > why do you spam vetrans?
[ 2022.04.03 02:51:16 ] Aurora Vuld > CCP merged vets and newbies into the same starter corp
[ 2022.04.03 02:51:24 ] Aurora Vuld > So you get their mail
[ 2022.04.03 02:51:26 ] Gailden Flaunt > why do you spam
[ 2022.04.03 02:51:32 ] Aurora Vuld > To recruit, obv
[ 2022.04.03 02:51:36 ] Gailden Flaunt > this is your mail. this mail has nothing to do with CCP
[ 2022.04.03 02:52:01 ] Aurora Vuld > Yeah we want to recruit new players, it’s faster to go down the list indiscriminantly.
[ 2022.04.03 02:52:09 ] Aurora Vuld > We filter at the app stage
[ 2022.04.03 02:52:13 ] Gailden Flaunt > it’s really really dumb. i’m not new

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