Corporate Scam?

So I got an offer to join a corporation called Conoco. They are promising 1,000,000 free skill points upon entry, seems too good to be true. Anyone know whether or not they are a scam from experience, etc?

Sounds like they’re going to send you their referral link to sign up a new account, which would give that new account 1mil free points.

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It would be this

Yes. Conoco. is a well known scam corp.

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This may be too broad a brushstroke… but I have found that groups “blanket-sending” invitations to join them are impersonal, usurious, and won’t invest too much in any one player.

What you are looking for are actual recruiters that will talk with you.
Or better yet, meeting someone while doing something you enjoy (and who you enjoy hanging out with) and joining that person’s corporation.


You shouldn’t consider corps who randomly spam you just as you shouldn’t consider spam mail in your mailbox, generally for the same reasons: you’re going to get scammed or taken advantage of.

On the 1 mil SP: if you create an account (so not an existing one) using a player’s referral link then you get 1 mil SP and HE gets rewards if you go omega on your account (14 days of premium so the equivalent of around 7 euro or 250 Plex). So they’re doing it to take advantage of you.

Thing is you can create your own referral and actually some folks will reward you if you use their referral and go omega. There’s a pinned thread up top for exactly this.

EVE is PvP in almost all aspects, even when it comes to corp recruitment. So pay attention and always expect others to try and rob you or kill you.


Be wary of bad info here from bitter vets, They tend to call joining anyone other than their corp “a Scam”… Just cause you receive a mail about a corp… doesn’t mean it’s a scam OR spam… read it, if you are ACTUALLY interested… contact them. If they dont respond or want to spend the time discussing the corp with you and/or answering questions… it’s not worth your time.

they are not wrong though… there are some corps out there that just scam other players.

There are, yes. But the blanket statement they are throwing around is false & wrong… it’s the same as me saying because my car was stolen by a black guy… all black guys are thieves. Ignorance at it’s best.

Research any corp a lot first before ever contacting them…


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