We demand a Zero Tolerance Policy for malicious rookie scammers

Not naari. He is banned from the forums I believe. But noori, yes. Or was it nuuri? Neeri? I could never remember.

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The person in question, naari, was wardecced. The raitaru that was built using CORP DONATIONS ended up being targeted because naari couldnt stop spouting his mouth off on the forums and was targeted.

His reaction was to lock out all his Corp mates from the raitaru because he was super paranoid about spies, as someone tried to call him out on his poor leadership skills and leave the alliance along with his Corp.


Nah Naari is still posting, or was as of a few hours ago.


Oh really. I didnt know. Always thought he used his alt.

Either way he’s suffering a terminal rectal-cranial inversion, if he farts he’ll asphyxiate himself.


at least he is not ganking newbros and asking them 10M afterwards to stop :slight_smile:


Oh my god, that sounds horrendous. Who is doing such a vile, evil thing? :slight_smile:

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Someone knows what is the corp name?

If you’re referring to the person who enslaved newbies for his own gain, he’s currently in an NPC corp.

Right now naari narian is recruiting for his “new” (other?) corp “Incompetent and Proud” (ticker ICANP - CEOed by his alt sabus narian) . Spamming mails from (at least) character el luchador to groups of players by alphabetical chunk of names in local. The recruiting mails assure the receipient the corp is not a scam, so it must be ok.
I dunno…would you want to join a corp whose CEO fell for a 90 billion isk scam and that seems to have more than a bit of drama going on in it ?

As for what naari got up to with that solar exchange corp…It’s disgusting to mess over new/newer players, certainly, but do we really want ccp to shut down aspects of the game that - although can be abused - make that possible?



Don’t prevent drama please. It’ the blood of Eve.

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my alts get spammed by them in evemail, and when one of my alts said the mass emails need to stop, their reply was, well the 1000 requests we get to stop is rather annoying, but we’ll keep doing it.

I agree however with @Solstice_Projekt and people like naari can go ■■■■ themselves…Makes those of us who legit try to help noobs look bad.

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I’m pretty sure one can easily “grind” through way over a thousand new players per year.

I’m really happy there are things we agree on. :slight_smile:

Would you please forward these mails to me?

Oh cool. So he managed to scam around 100 bill out of new players from his last corp. Good to know.

if i still got them when i get time to yea.

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I’m not NOT saying that there should be some sort of constant suicide ganking of the guy, buuuuuuuut…

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Scams are allowed in EVE. If you don’t like his corporation, then go to war with it - stop expecting someone else to fight your battle for you.

I wish we could wardec corps with no structures. Sad face.