The probank

probag Bear is doing a loan to me for 10B at 6% interest for 1 month with no collateral.

@Jack_Baxter isk sent!

10B received. @6% will repay 10,600,000,000 on or before 5/16/2018

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Since @probag_Bear was a little indisposed when I asked on tweetfleet earlier, I’ll also post it here for posterity-

Asking for 5b uncollat @ 8%, 1 month duration, optional monthly continuances (initiated by either party, pending approval by the other). Purpose- additional material and blueprint acquisition for Capital Manufacturing.

I wasn’t indisposed, I was drunk.
It’s pending approval; waiting to properly take @Krysenth through the interview process.

Some1 send me here if I understand correctly, so if you can help me with isk or tips I`ll appretiate it.

Id like to borrow 3 bill uncollateralized.

I would like to borrow 60 bill , can do a mix of collaterial and not ,

Contact me game

Well , at the verry least this is a good way to get your evemails blinking when you log in probag :slight_smile:

Repaid 10,600,000,000 early on 5/6/1018

Here is a screenshot

Nice doing business with you!

This looks interesting, sent a mail.

I’m all out of “lol” but I have plenty of “lulz” the more isk you send me the more lulz we can make!

I would like to borrow 5 bil uncollaterized, to expand my production.

Send me an eve mail. if we can work something out.
loan period would be something like 2-3 months

@probag_Bear I would like to request a 10Bill loan for 1 month. I can collateralize 8Bill and would request 2bill uncollateralized. Please eve mail me if this is something we can work out

Requesting an increase on my loan 8.4b loan, 2-4 months

Unfortunately all available collateral is tied up in that loan, so would be uncollateralized.

Reason for loan would be to set up my new alt, Alexi White, who has started trading in Amarr while this toon is in Jita. I have used 5bil of my trading ISK from this toon, but would prefer to give my alt a headstart so she is up to speed with this toon.

I can accommodate 20bil but am expecting less as its uncollat


I want a small loan. Want to talk ingame or discord.

Requesting a loan of 3 billion uncollateralized. Eve mail me if needed


Sorry everyone else, I’m taking a serious break from Eve. Have not even logged in, in about 40-50 days.

Life comes first, eve hobbies a close second :stuck_out_tongue: Dont be afraid to lurk places though.

Hey. So I’m back to Eve. Sorry for my break and complete absence.

I’ve received:

I seem to be missing:

Edit: found @Fannie_Anathema’s