Legit banks for new players?

to borrow iskies

safe place to deposit iskies?


If you have collateral, it’s easy to find people willing to lend. If you don’t, you can try hitting up friends and corpmates.

There are no safe banks because there are no protections, and no recourse for investors. Personally, I would view every “investment opportunity” as a scam, with you trying to get your principle back plus as much interest as you can before they cut and run with investor money. So, do not invest what you can’t afford to lose, and do not invest if you don’t think you can predict when it’s a good time to pull out.

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always amazes me when people say this. if you have collateral sell it lol.

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Well, people might not want to sell right now because prices are low, plus you have taxes, plus the time you have moving it to market, plus you either have to chose between selling to buy orders ,and getting less faster, or using standing sell orders, and getting more slowly. So, I can see how some people would prefer a collateralized loan if the interest paid is less than they’d lose in time and isk by selling. Remember, prices on certain stuff can swing widely, especially on junk drawer stuff like event skins, event apparel, event BPC’s, and agency boosters.

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You can buy some PLEX and sell them to generate ISK and buy them back later.
Only a bad idea if you try to scam or rob that particular bank you look for…

As it’s simple and free to make a new character, simple to transfer the money from the new character to your main character and simple to delete the newly created character, there is nobody who would lend any significant amount of ISK to a new character, as they would have to be really naive to do so. And anyone that naive wouldn’t have any ISK left in a game like EVE.

Of course people would have to lose that naiveté somehow, so maybe you can be the first to borrow their ISK before someone (you) doesn’t pay back.

I see your argument and I guess it depends on how bad a player needs ISK. I also see a situation where a player may have some items they are speculating will greatly increase in value but are willing to use it as collateral based on its current value.

The Market sub-forum used to be full of trusted 3rd parties such as Elizabeth Norn, but I’m not sure they’re still doing that there.

right so what is the best range of isk that helps people and is not worth rolling new accounts for? i can see people doing that with billion plus isk for accounts they dont care about. for a few million, less likely

If you need a few million ISK, do a few missions or project discovery. No need to bother looking for someone to trust you to lend that amount.

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I’m pretty sure this is why loans are backed by collateral…

what happened to all the creative eve players? this thread is boring as hell lol

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They were ganked, farmed, trolled, saltmined and otherwise harassed until they left the game. You’re probably next.

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A lot of creative folks were creative in hunting and setting up kills under war decs. Poof. A tool box gone.

I’ll lend you any amount of ISK assuming the collateral or other security is reasonable. If there is no collateral or other security I will of course not be lending you anything, because that would obviously be a terrible business model.

If you want to invest and earn isk passively I’d recommend EASY Inc, they’re trustworthy and transparent. I’m not affiliated with them other than a long-time investor. Here’s their Discord for more info: EASY Inc.

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