2B - 3% - 1 Week - Non-Collatoralized

I am speaking to one other individual that might fill this, but going ahead and putting this out there just in case.

Loan Amount: 2 Billion
Interest: 3%
Time Frame: One Week
Collateralized: No

Hello all. I have been interested in getting a loan for some time. I have just returned to eve, and have restarted some of my money making ways along with finding a couple new ones. I have an order for manufacturing, assembling, and delivering goods which I will be paid on delivery. I need more capital to be able to make more at a time. I can use more than this, but i’m trying to come down as much as possible. I would like a loan of 2 billion, non-collateralized, at 3% for one week. If it were at a month like regular that would be 12%. I am new to the forums, but have played for several years. If two people would rather do a billion each that is fine too. I’m trying to do this loan shorter because my options are limited with never borrowing here before, and I am trying to gain credibility by completing loans. Any thoughts, concerns, or counter offers are welcome. Thanks for your time.

probag Bear has agreed to do a loan to me for 10B at 6% interest for 1 month with no collateral.

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