10b uncoll LOAN and Investor OPPORTUNITY

Hey all. I know BOND is the preferred lending tool here, but bond insinuates sale of debt, of which this loan is not.

I’m seeking 10 billion to expand on my current business into emerging markets. I seek to employ station managers to manage large quantities of products. Currently we have a diversified components “portfolio” business where re-selling select industrial products is yielding about 50%/ month.

I would like to offer investors the opportunity to “buy” into my portfolio, and emerging trading Eco-system, by offering a 25% return on investment monthly.

Please mail me in-game, or here I suppose.





A few questions.

You want to borrow 10b and you say that your returns are currently at 50%, what is your current working capital and do you expect to maintain these returns at higher capital input?

You want to employ ‘Station Managers’, I assume this is other players tasked with buy’sell orders and inventory management? If so this gives them access to our uncollateralised funds which most lenders would be hesitant about.
Also If you are paying these station managers how much of your monthly profits is that going to cut, seeing as though you are already down to 25% after paying the lender 25%. And is it going to be worth it for you to continue at this lower profit margin?

Lastly, 25% returns are absolutely ridiculous and may be seen as a simple grab for people to outweigh their risk vs reward calculations in favour of lending you isk.

This. So much this.

OP if you can raise some collateral or you would like to discuss different lending options drop me an EvE-Mail I’ll be happy to help out. This is never going to fly though, since you seem a little inexperienced to be throwing un-collateralized money at just at this stage.

He is commenting on how poorly made this thread is, that it might as well be a copy paste of an older scam.

Why not set aside the select industrial materials as you put it, and offer it as collateral.

I dony see anyone being stupid enough to fill this, but then again there are a lot of idiots out there.

Also putting this here, the OP seems to have been playing for only a month.

Sounds completely scammy and stupid, but good luck.

This is my station trading alt first of all. Cor’El great question. I do have a wider range of products that I can continually bring to market at a high turnover rate.

Employing station managers is a dream of mine. The reality is that it’s difficult. I actually believe i can personally manage the quantity of materials I have now, and 10b in the future.

As for the high return, 50% per month is actually a low figure. I can do about 50%/week. Just because you don’t know how to do it doesn’t mean it’s not real.

If I set aside my materials as collateral, I don’t have 10b Instead of loaning, invest in a legitimate business!

Hope this will quell the fire.

Last month I went from net worth 800000000 to 1.2 billion. Exactly 50%. I just enhanced my strategy the last couple days.

The more isk you trade with, the harder it becomes to maintain a high rate of return. Have you accounted for this in your trading strategy?

yes I have. Discount high vol materials that trade at value added export conditions. It’s complicated but I have 2 dozen products to spread the money through, as I add capital. I will not offer more details than that as I need to maintain a competitive edge.

So offer that as collateral.

This only adds red flags to your Loan request. We dont know who these are, and theres a very good chance, from our standpoint, that these station managers will run away with the isk.

We dont want you to come back in a week and say “WOOPS THE STATION MANAGERS RAN AWAY WITH ALL MY PRODUCT”.

No one is saying you cant. Im sure its possible to do 200% a week, with the right product and under certain circumstances. But thats the problem. Youre talking to a group of people, many of whom have made their isk via station trading, and we know the game and how it works.

I dont understand what this means. If you dont have enough collateral for 10 bill, then ask for a loan for the right amount.

The thing I see is people over-compensate and over-ask. This is your first loan request. You dont even have enough material for a mere 10 billion isk. Start smaller, for an amount that you do have collateral for, and it will be filled. We dont mind if you lower your return to 4 or 5%.

Typing “Its complicated” and “I wont offer more details”, to a group that understands how this works, is only a means to defer criticism, and only makes you look worse.

Without disclosing which high volume product you are moving, explaining in detail how to maintain a high rate of return with larger amounts, isnt very hard, or complicated.

Only makes you look even more scammy tbh.


You…understand that the majority of people you’re asking for isk from are the precise people who can legitimately make that statement to you with enough confidence you cannot argue back? The kind of people who would, if it looked reasonably legitimate, without a second glance, just throw the isk at you because it doesnt make a difference to their bottom line.

I dont doubt that the margins are there, but can you maintain them at higher capital input was my question.

Doubling 100k takes no time, doubling 100m takes a bit longer, doubling 100b takes a significantly longer time.

The question was can you maintain over 25% returns per month at that level of capital input.

And the station managers is a big No from any investor that has a hope of seeing their investment back. So give up on that if you want a loan.

Lastly, The people you are asking for isk from have more ISK than time available to use it. You dont have to worry that someone is going to swoop in on your investment, because no one can be bothered.

Shhh, its too complicated for him to explain to you.

This was really funny. Basically he wants other people to make isk for him while he sits back and relaxes. And then those people will have more people under them. Its a business model shaped like a pyramid. I think theres a scam named after it, but i cant quite remember what it was called…

Can I be a station manager? :smirk:

So let’s take out the station manager portion. The answer Is YES I can manage 10 billion and still make great returns. The answer is NO I will not share my product or methods.

The complexity of value added products is complex. That’s the truth. A very high supply that we see in game reduces the overhead cost of these products. Certain products in that category have an even higher demand, which I can as a market expert in RL, ascertain, have a tremendous value that can be unlocked. The offer of 25%/month will still make me 25% on (with a loan) margin, which can then be further capitalized in the future. This means that with a 10 billion loan I am using 1000% margin 1.5-2 times! at a cost of 25% PROFIT which is effectivley LESS than my operating COST which is very LOW because of the nature of the SUPPLY.

This is a tremendous investment opportunity.

I hope that sheds more light. Thank you for expressing your concerns.

Excuse me, I’m not offering 25% of profit, although I could for the right investor. 25% roi over 1 month. 2 month duration.

You realize that 10B is not a big amount, and making 2.5B per months is stupidly easy in EvE. With this high margins and profitable business, why do you need a loan in the first place? Just double whatever capital you have a couple times and you have your 10B and more.

I think a 100b loan would be harder with you people :wink: the concern of growth over time with something that large is real, however I have mitigated it and could easily grow 100b at the very same rate. So I am asking for 10b to start for trust matters etc.

Start smaller. There’s just too much shade going around your proposed business offers for people to be willing to accept a lack of collateral. Throwing around a lot of buzzwords doesnt help either.