[LOAN] Quick Returns - 10 billion uncollateralized 20% ROI


  • Seeking total of 10 billion in investment
  • Minimum amount to invest: 1 billion
  • Return on Investment 20% (due to no collateral)
  • Time is of the essence, this offer closes in 72 hours


  • Payments to investors will be made sometime in October 2020, no later than the end of the month.
  • Payments to investors will be the amount they invested plus 20%
  • Please make a reply here when ISK transfered to be invested, with the amount you sent

Years ago when Dust 514 was in development, the devs mentioned that trading between Eve and Dust 514 would be possible; that Eve players may even create items that are used between the games. At the time I had no idea what I was doing — I was just a baby investor getting into the market. I speculated that High-Tech Small Arms (a trade good in Eve) might be used in Dust. And so I rolled the dice.

I made a small several hundred million ISK investment, I purchased 152,133 High-Tech Small Arms in total from many small orders. But as we all well know Dust 514 never really lived up to its expectations and today I’m still holding on to those trade goods for nostalgia’s sake. An interesting idea, but truly the actions of a noob trader.

Speculation is NOT the same as INVESTING!
I mention this story because I find it amusing and I wonder how many people here have such naive ideas. Years ago I was naive, but I fully knew it was a long shot — it was pure SPECULATION.

My proposal today is NOT SPECULATION or a “roll of the dice”. Years of experience on the market has taught me the hard way how easy it is to make mistakes and lose ISK. The only investments I do now are based on hard data or insider information that can be backed up.

And that’s exactly the proposal I bring to you today. When first realized the potential of how much ISK I would be making I thought I had miscalculated somewhere. Most things that are too good to be true are. The first day all I did was try to disprove what I learned. I attacked it from every angle.

This has to be tin foil. Remember the High-Tech Small Arms? This has to be like that, pure speculation.
I kept telling myself that.

But it wasn’t at all. I still kinda am having a hard time believing I actually found the golden goose. I almost wish I could disprove it. Because at least when I speculated in High-Tech Small Arms I knew it was a gamble. This is much like that situation in that there’s a giant potential for profit — but much different in that it’s not speculation what-so-ever.

The Realization
A few nights ago when I laid in bed I found my heart pounding about how rich I was going to be in Eve, what I would do with all the money. Literally lay in bed and couldn’t sleep until 4am. Yep boys and girls the one thing I wanted to discover many years ago I finally discovered. Literally the once in a life time opportunity I’ve been searching for.

Now I realize that anyone reading this will think “Great story, sounds like an infomercial. Uncollateralized. Must be a scammer.” I get the sentiment. Here’s what I can offer to counter that sentiment:

  • This has been my main character since 2011. The only alts I have are low skilled alphas.
  • You can find my old forum posts on Eve Search back to 2011.
  • I like this name and I spent hours sculpting my character’s appearance (take a look at her in game without the crazy mask).
  • I am a former Director of Vortex Vagrants (null sec) and was trusted with billions in the wallet.
  • I have never pulled any scam in Eve
  • I don’t want the mega wealthy putting contracts on my head and ruining my experience

The only reason I don’t have collateral is because I didn’t want to humiliate myself by coming on these forums and begging for money. So I sold everything hoping to avoid this. While it’s true that I already will make billions from my own investment, I know I can make even more. Since this really is a very rare opportunity for me to get super rich (far beyond 10 billion ISK) I don’t want to regret not asking for outside investors.

Lastly, time is of the essence here. I’m requiring a 72 hour window so that I can be confident that I will be able to do what I plan to do in time to do it. Obviously, I probably have much longer than that but it’s better for me to play it safe. I really don’t want to ruin my name.

Again, this really isn’t a scam. I’m a long term player who really is only doing this because I ran out of capital to make an obscene amount of ISK with. I would like to make an even more obscene amount of ISK and will profit you for helping me achieve that. Plus, aren’t most scams here long term plays? Like starting banks or something along those lines? Eh.

What am I doing?
If I explained the details of what I was doing, a lightbulb would pop on for anyone here that has experience in Eve. Then I wouldn’t be able to profit nearly as much. I provided all the information I can. I’m being legit. It’s up to you to choose to trust me or not.

I choose not although I applaud your massive writing effort. Not an original scam, though. Next!


Wow - I didn’t know Bernie Madoff played EVE!!

This kids is a well written, (I do say it is well written) con job.

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Good, GOOD! Let the hate flow through you!

Listen, seriously, even if your deal is legit, there isn’t any way for you to secure trust; no mechanism, so therefore all of us “jaded jerks” can only rely on our own sense of avoiding scams. Yours may not well be a scam, but there is no way it doesn’t come off as a scam.

Anyone with any sense will steer clear of this. You may indeed rope in some marks/“investors”, but this is just one of those things that is “too good to be true.”

And it doesn’t help your case/cause when you throw a fit in the forums because us “jaded jerks” won’t just shove off our hard earned and stolen/scammed ISK to you for essentially nothing, and no guarantee that you’re just trolling for ISK. You’re mad because the first two people to comment on your thread won’t just hand over ISK to you. Can you see how that comes across?

If this is depressing for you does that mean you’re entire EVE Online existence is wrapped up in this “deal”?

Do you understand EVE is about taking something to your own advantage and if it means ripping someone else off so be it? And as for “jaded investors” I don’t think there’s a real group of those that exist in EVE. I invest in my own and my corp’s decisions, whether for the market, trading, hauling, industry, PvP, etc. And even then you’re guaranteed to have someone rip you off at some point.

I only “invest” in the “safe bet”, those things that have mechanics in-game that I can trust; and of course human nature.

I’ll gladly help you out but trust is a two way street. To show YOU have trust in me, send me 5B first.

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No, I’m upset for being called a liar. “Not an original scam” and another poster “con job”.

None of you know me. I wrote in my original post that I already acknowledged that the sentiment I expected was for people to think that I was a scammer. But thinking something and accusing someone of something is a leap beyond the pale from common courtesy.

But thank you for your consideration.

I find it odd that you are not jumping at my offer…

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you: since 2011, vallet negative.
me: since 2019, vallet 100b+

something is wrong…


As I mentioned in my reply to your EVE mail this falls into what the “Duck test” encompasses;

“If it walks and talks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck.”

Your post walks and talks like a scam, and you even acknowledge that yourself. You’re very right in saying that “we” don’t know you. Not knowing you isn’t a surety that this isn’t a scam. It has the tendency to reinforce it. “I know you don’t know me, but trust me, give me your ISK and I promise to give you more back.” Sorry, why would “we” do that? You see this sort of thing constantly in Jita Local.

You won’t even share what it is exactly that you’re doing. And it could be a scam. And that’s okay because scamming within EVE Online is perfectly legit. There are marks out there, and they fall for scams. I would say 99.8% of veteran EVE Online players have no reason to trust this and they’re correct for considering this could very well be a scam. It’s quacking a lot, it’s probably a duck.

All you’re offering is a vague promise to repay with a higher return, no form of surety, and you specifically indicate that we don’t know you. I ask you, would you trust an offer on the forums like this? Be honest with yourself, and I think you were trying to be in your OP, musing that this could look like a “get rich quick scam” (paraphrasing). The bona fides you offer are essentially meaningless to anyone who doesn’t know you. You’re obviously well enough aware that there have been thousands of scams out there that look exactly like what you’re offering here. I don’t care if yours isn’t a scam, it’s just quacking loudly, waddling a lot, and swimming across the pond. It looks and feels like a scam. And you know this. So don’t be all frustrated and depressed when people point at this and go “oh look, it’s another duck!”

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I, too, am skeptical that a character around since 2011, and apparently a market veteran, needs to beg for 10 billion ISK.

Closed via polite request by OP.