Council of Scintillating Management firesales and investments

We invest your isk so you can have extra isk when the new expansion arrives. We also manage assets for people who for a time decide to win Eve. We accept all assets in Highsec at a 80% buyback (can be negotiated). We are currently selling shares at 100k isk each. Dividends will be payed on the release day of Eve expansions 10% of profits will be keept in corp to ensure maximum growth. We plan to invest in seasonal items like PLEX and Injectors which tend to be at a high demand near expansion releases. Contact me in game if you need more information. Have a nice day everyone.

150 shares have been sold to a buyer that requested to remain anonymous the shares will be transfered.

Clever play at the CSM

So, i just send you isk? Sounds like a great deal.

You heard it here first, folks. Why sell your assets for 98, 99% on jita buy, when you can sell it to this guy for 80%?

Makes sense.

Is there any guarantee, or, say, collateral, that ensures that you wont run away with our isk? Just thought id ask.

I assume this is just a well thought out troll post, and not worth much more than that. The name of this group is the same initials as CSM, he talks about making isk based off expansions (Hinting at CSM leaks benefiting people when new expansions change things)


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