Eden Trade is looking for new business ideas!

I am looking for any idea that will generate profit. This can be anything and everything. I would be interested in hearing about it. Come to be with a plan and how it is going to make ISK. Show me how its already making ISK.

Some random ideas
• Industry things
• Websites/EVE Tools
• PVP related PVE related
• Market manipulation
• Bulk buying from null sec people
• Bulk buying materials to turn into high value materials

Really anything if you can show me, it makes ISK then I will dive into it. If it seems legit then I may give it a try. I’m stumped for other things to do in the game to turn more profits.

What’s in it for you?
You get to share in the profits. Bare minimum 25% of the profits.

You do not need to have the finances for this. If it works, I can dig up the ISK from me or people. Do not limit yourself to small things. THINK BIG! 100’s of billions BIG!

I will always be handling the money and assets, so no scammers need apply because you won’t get access to the things. I have plenty of characters to do whatever needs to be done and get things moved around.

Also no complicated things please haha like having to do 100 things to get the end process haha

Join my Discord to discuss more

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100’s of billions big?

Buy a Keepstar BPO (700b)
Research it up to ME 9 at least, pull copies and sell them.

As a 25% share in the profits for the idea, please give me 1 in every 4 copies you make

Thanks a lot!

I mean if it works sure I will look into it haha

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As a 25% share in the profits, please give me 1 in 4 of your underpants (no granny panties please).

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