How to not suck at trade?

How do I actually make money with trading, rather than losing ISK constantly? Currently my character kinda bleeds ISK.

199 Location, location, location.
217 Always know what you’re buying.



Watch this, this guy makes a ton of trading guides and he streams several times a week with trading updates and new.


I have been doing station trading for a few years, averaging 1b profit per day. Apparently I am in the top 1% of traders in the game according to my Eve yearly video report.

Here are a few tips:

  1. You need to Omega. Because you need to cut taxes (sales tax, broker tax, order updates tax) and have a lot of trading slots. Trading is a volume game.

  2. You need to do region trading. Flipping Jita goods from buy to sell take a lot of ISK to do and the margin is thin. It CAN be done, but it takes more capital IMO. It is much easier to buy low, sell high by using public cheap contracts and sending them somewhere else. Don’t risk hauling yourself. Losing 1-3b can be very costly. Let someone else take that risk.

  3. Reinvest, reinvest, reinvest. It takes money to make money. The more capital you put in, the more you get out when doing trading.

  4. Use at least 2 characters, one for buying at Jita and one for selling at your destination to maximize the order slots

  5. Spreadsheet. Some things look profitable, but when you account for taxes and hauling you can lose money. So make sure you have your maths right.

  6. Use online tools and resources to scan the market. for example to find regional trade hubs to send goods to.

  7. Use citadels at all times if possible. Always set buy orders in Perimeter because of the lower taxes. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.


I sell a lot mining ships, so to drive up demand I run an alliance that ganks miners.


Decide what price you want to buy an item for, then decide how much you want to sell it for. Work out whether the profit is worth it after taxes. Stick to your buy and sell price. If you do this then you can’t lose ISK most of the time.

When to buy? Have a look at the graph and see if the price is at a low point. Look at both the yearly graph to see whats been happening to the price and look at the range to see if the price is below the averages. That’s when you want to buy. If the price drops further then think about buying even more if you think the price will go back up. Sell when prices hit your target (when price is above the averages),

Finally, trading is a game of patience. Don’t expect to be buying and selling all day every day. Put up buy orders and just leave them for a month of two, then sell the items you buy during that period. Trading is both fast and slow, fast because a single order can be done in a few mins, but slow since it can take weeks for your order to be filled.

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Find your own niche. Trade what people need for what they’re willing to give up. For example, I trade ammunition for modules. Usually they’re modules that the person no longer needs, and might even be damaged.

Also, remember that as a trader, you’re effectively part of the service industry. Customer satisfaction should be one of your primary goals, so that you can ensure that every customer is a repeat customer. That’s why I always deliver the ammunition and pick up the modules in person.


Just for reference since people already answered most questions:

It is very simple to figure out the answers. :slight_smile:

Tn isk of trade profit here,

Try everything in eve once, pve, mining null bear f1’ng, ect. ect. When ever you needed something write it down in the in game notepad or irl like me.

Come back & be the trader who supplies it. When an alliance welps a fleet its good to move those ships into or near their staging.

Stick to market trading, as Owing to T2BPO & “the mins I mine are free & the pilots licence I sub is free” IQ 40 crowd I’d avoid producing all but large scale industry. Near all refined goods in eve are underpriced so when you have capital its rare to have any concerns about buying out entire markets, markets will settle to a higher price near all the time as those making them have no idea of their costs. Buying out entire markets is rarely likely to lose you isk.

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Lower your expectations

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I hear, you have to draw a lot of triangles onto the price chart.

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On top of some useful information already on here, check the names in your wallet. People who regularly make trades with you, and especially big trades, may be interested in trading via private contracts which do not incur normal brokers fees or sales tax.


I will let as many people know in game not to bother buying mining ships as their investment will go back to you.
Thanks for the info.

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