How hard is to get into trading?


I’m back to EVE and I wanted to start trading (industry in long therm). I did some calculations and it seems like hauling from hub to hub is not worth time (best i find in my starting capital is about 7 mil profit per trip). So now I’m trying to do some station trading in Jita mainly with ore, p1/p2 PI, salvage etc. since they seams to have nice margin (as alpha I have almost 10% wasted on tax) but .01 game is terrible. Even if I don’t play it filling my orders seams to take long time (12 or more hours) and still almost nothing on sell or buy orders.

What I’m doing wrong? There are some general tips how speed up orders filling or I’m just to impatient and this needs more time (few days?).

You do not doing anything wrong but competition is to hard and with 10% tax you can not be profitable.

I rounded up too much. It’s 5% if wallet shows all taxes that are applying on market in NPC station.

Eve is a commodity market and commodity markets are cyclical. Use the price history tab to study the cycle for the products you are interested in selling. If you buy in the bottom half of the cycle and sell in the top half, you will make a profit and there is no need to play the .01 game - place your orders and let the market come to you. This requires a fair amount of working capital and a fair amount of patience but it works.

You can improve your margins by aggregating the basic materials you’re selling. Set buy orders in regional hubs and haul the product to a major hub for sale rather than simply playing the buy/sell spread in Jita. You can reduce the brokerage on your buy orders by placing them in a nearby Citadel - known as “offshoring”.


I can help you start industry, send me a mail ingame and we will talk

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I think you are always going to struggle as an alpha trying to trade. You can’t get the relevant skills to a high enough level to compete with the professionals.

Remember, trading is just as much a PvP activity as blowing up ships, and in the same way, you need to choose your fights carefully. Trying to take on the professionals at the 0.1 isk game in Jita is like attacking a capital ship in a Velator.

I’d suggest moving to Amarr or even Dodixie and concentrate on larger margin, slower moving goods. As noted above, watch for goods at the bottom of their cycle and buy, selling as the cycle improves. This takes time and planning.

Or join a null sec corp, check what they need and supply it - you can utilise their jump freighter services to move your goods, often at decent margin. Faction warfare hubs are good too - I used to make a fair bit supplying Vlillirier with drones and ammunition.


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