How to not suck at trade?

  1. Forget Trading, it’s lame
  2. Find a rich whale
  3. Join His Corp
  4. Pretend to be a girl
  5. Get roles
  6. Scoop corp wallet and hangar
  7. Profit!
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Most of the time, you don’t even need steps 5 and 6.


IF your not trading plex for isk, your doing this all wrong. Sorry to say, but trading is dead in eve, right along side missions.

Pretty much this.

How is it dead?

There is an automated seeding of items on eve’s market to help set a baseline to support the plex baseline for isk. This is how eve controls large amounts of inflation, which is generally generated by entities like goonswarm.

In the old says automation was done on a more manual capacity, a developer would tell the server to inject items, however, now the automation is fully automated keeping prices in a targeted area. You can confirm this by digging around in history and seeing how at times people try to drop the price of ships to buy and repost for double profit, but how the system kicks those ships back up to its targeted price.

In essence the concept of buy low and sell high is not really an option anymore in eve, and if you manage to get these things its largely due to massive amounts of luck and support by third party websites.

In addition to that, often trading is really more of the concept of hauling to locations with less supply. It seems similar to the concept of trading, but in actuality the original form of it allowed players to buy low and sell high after hauling anywhere in new eden, this is largely not the case anymore (with the exception of null, but in this case ccp is aware that the entities that are in charge self-regulate the prices and their mark ups, and as a result they (ccp) does not need to micro-manage it.

So in essence trading is dead, unless you consider hauling from point a to point be for a pre-designed value to be “Trading”.

btw, As it has been explained before on the forums, I have made very large amounts of isk on this specific topic (around 3.26 trillion).

Buy plex, you are buying CCP & who would not want to own a such an amazing company. Too the moon with your in game products.

I make profit just fine with trading and I’m fairly new and inexperienced. Gave my alt a bil as starting fund, about a month later it’s up to 1.7 bil with very little time invested. Not massive but I’m gaining more and more momentum through increased experience, skills and buying power.

Someone in this thread is lying.


Buy low, sell high.

If the taxes/fees negate profit margin, sell higher.

Literally the key to trading.

lol. I make 30b profit per month region trading. But yeah okay, it is dead I guess.

you make 30b moving things, you dont trade.

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I do. I put up buy and sell orders. Buy low, sell high. That is literally the definition of the word trading. It’s called region trading when buying and selling at two different locations.

If you think botting in Jita flipping items with your 0.01 isk order updates 24/7 is the only trading in game then you are mistaken. And I am glad that gameplay is gone.

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Trading isn’t dead lol. Every time I visit a market to buy something, if the price is at a low point I’ll set up a buy order as well to get some cheap stuff, then sell it when I visit and the price has risen. There is more than enough price movement to make a profit.

Of course. If someone in this thread accidentally hit on a legit way of making ISK (like trading, for instance) and it happened to be how I made my ISKies, I’d lie my ass off as well telling them it’s dead. The less competition, the more profit you take home.

I used to tell anyone who’d listen that training up characters for sale (back before extractors) was the stupidest thing you could do. Meanwhile, I was raking in billions a month doing exactly that. And back then billions a month put you solidly in the 1% as most of the cash fountains we have now were not even concepts yet.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


There is no connection whatsoever between the Gallente Federation . and CODE.

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How do you lose isk trading? With simple math you should always come out positive.

What? lol no there is not. I am often the only seller of a number of items in The Forge region.

Buy Low, Sell High, Be Patient.

Source please. This is the second time I hear about this.

First time was when you claimed this in another thread. I also asked you for a source there but you didn’t respond yet so I’ll try again here. I’d like to verify this highly controversial information.

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