New Eden Trade and Market - Regional Market Investment and Profit (funding reached)

We reached our goal of 100billion check back at the end of March if all goes great we will be looking to get more investments for other regions!!

The Backstory

New Eden Trade and Market was founded February 21st, 2019 on the idea of creating a market for every region of the game. Ambitious, yes! But I am more focused now on what regions to create my markets in for maximum profit. I believe that creating great full markets of items and ships creates and maintains the activity of a region while also creating a steady stream of ISK.

Why did I decide to create such large scale markets in the game? Well living out of Placid while doing level 5 missions. I found myself with a lot of ISK and no way to spend it. When I wanted to buy and fit up a new ship. The only way I could spend my ISK was to do the 20 or so jumps to Jita. I wondered why every time I traveled to Jita how come each region I went through after all these years did not have a fully stocked market? Why hasn’t anyone else in the history of New Eden created another good market in these regions?

That’s when it hit me! I will be that person to create these markets so all pilots across New Eden won’t have to travel all over just to fit a ship. And so it began and over the past year I have created 3 new regional markets. Stacmon the first, Merolles the second, and Hatakani our newest. I have figured out the logistics and now I can essentially manage tens of thousands of orders without being overwhelmed.

Check out my talking in stations interview about what I am doing:

The Investment Info

So what is this investment? I am taking in Investments from pilots that want to help me expand rapidly and faster than my current rate. This of course gets you paid out and you profit off of my profits.

Here’s a snapshot of our profits breakdown using EVE-Mogul as of 2/23/20

Here’s a snapshot of my overall total stats as of 2/23/20

If you didn’t click the link here’s some info:

  • Over 1 trillion isk in market transactions
  • 72billion in profits in the first year (this does not include 5 months before I started using mogul so this number is higher)
  • 270 Billion isk in sell orders

New Eden Trade and Market is currently seeking 100billion ISK to create 3 new regional markets. I am seeking investments in 5 billion ISK per buy in. Each 5billion ISK invested gets you 5,000 shares.

The Numbers Breakdown

20 spots for buy-ins (5bil per buy in)

You get 5% of the monthly profit from each 5bil isk buy in. Currently I am making close to 15billion per month in profits with 3 regions. My current regions will be added to this payout as well. Adding 3 new regions will bring this number up to 40billion per month or more going off of how my profits are trending.

My current region Merolles may be taken down and moved. This market is a small 900 item market and compared to Stacmon and Hatakani (that host close or more that 2,000 items). Doing so these characters can be moved around to buffer larger markets with more items and increase the profits or create an actual 3rd larger market like Stacmon and Hatakani.

40 Billion per month (estimated) will make each 5bil buy in 2billion per month in return.

Current market stats

  • Stacmon Past 30 days 9billion profits
  • Hatakani Past 30 Days 7.3billion profits
  • Merolles past 30 Days 1billion in profits
  • Total 17.3 billion isk in profits in 30 days
  • Close to 5,000 Market orders
  • Daily transactions are low side 500 to high side 800 per day

Each Large scale market (Stacmon and Hatakani) are generating close to 8+ billion per month each. Creating 3 more of these markets will generate 40 billion isk (estimated) could be more or less. This will generate 2bil per payout every month or more. If I am able to squeeze a 1 more by moving Merolles around the monthly profits could be close to 50billion. Netting each buy in 2.5bil pay out per month.

Monthly payouts can be changed to weekly.

Notice: Have a financial person that is helping me on the investment part of the funding (i am a logistics person) after talking for a few hours so the repayment plan will be worked out in detail here later on. The repayment will be focused heavily on first paying back all investments that you have put in and then with a good profit % for all investors! Details to come later on!

Once all investments have been fully refunded (your 5bil buy in or how ever many spots you bought) 1 month profits will be taken to create a new large scale market to increase payouts even further. After this new markets can either be voted on by all shareholders to create another regional market or collect the profits before creating a new one or do another round of investments for another 100billion from new investors.

Risk Management

Unlike other EVE investments what I am doing you can visually see! Just head to Stacmon, Merolles, or Hatakani and you can see the market! Buy from it! You can see where your ISK is going to and know it’s actually being invested in something.

Your ISK investment is backed up by actual assets (in-game items).

How to Invest

Each buy in is 5billion per spot out of 20 spots. So 100billion total. You can buy all 100billion or just one spot at 5billion.

If you invest and we do not meet our goal of 100billion in 1 month all investments will be returned.

However if 35billion or more is reached the current investors can decide to go ahead with opening a market (instead of 3) or if 65+ billion is reached the investors can decide to open up 2 new regional markets or get refunded.

To invest please mail or convo Eden Trade of New Eden Trade and Market (mon-fri) I work nights and long hours 12+ hours at work so hard to get a hold of my by convo. Weekends I am free usually. Or message me on my discord: and I can answer any questions you may have and then take payment after then.

Help me create the largest trade empire known to New Eden and spread the love of easily fitting a ship :slight_smile:

55% of the slots reserved so far! 45% to go!

Confirming I will invest 40b


That is 100 %. So where is your profit?

until your initial investment is paid off so 100 billion is my first plan and i have someone that is good with this type of stuff that just offered to help me figure out this side of it as well and he is coming up with a good plan for how this will all work out and will get it sorted here soon!

But my first priority is making sure the isk is paid back so the people that helped invest can start generating a profit as well. Obviously of the 3 new trade hubs would be a big percentage of what everyone who invested will get paid from and my trade hubs i already have started I will be offering a smaller percentage afterwards to the people that invested. And any new trade hubs created afterwards a percentage would go to these first initial investors with another opportunity to buy a larger percentage of the new trade hubs setup.

I’m very good on the logistics side of managing the orders and setting up the markets and maintaining them so have a bit of patience as i learn a new area of my business :slight_smile:

Also, another 5bil taken so 40% remains!

well then i take the 40b too

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Ill take remaining

I don’t get it. Paying out profit as dividends is not “paying back” the investment. You do realise that no matter how much profit you pay out you still owe the investors 100 Bn, right? So I don’t see how you will make a profit, and therefore must predict burnout/defaulting.

Message me on discord or mail me in game we will be running over 100bil but we can create a 4th market instead why not! But I will put u down for around 10 or so then?

I’ll post a break down once I’m off work in 6 hours of what I all have. So far 50billion isk has been collected! Another 40billion offered and then the rest is 10bil from the guy above that said he will take the rest! And then 5 bil from a friend and a 5bil spot from the financial guy. So that puts us around 110billion! Gives us a bit extra but we could push this into 4 new markets instead :slight_smile: going a bit over or up to 135bil.

Funding reached! Closing this out of any new isk coming in. Check with me in a month after we get these new region markets up and going and we may do another round of funding for new markets!

Received first payment from the investment, so far so good!

First payment also received. Super open with the data, plans, etc.
This was a trial for me and keen to up the ante!

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recveived first payment too

Could you give an update on the financials? Performance? Lessons learned, that sort of thing. A month in have you met or exceeded expectations?

Someone should of reached out to you! He does all the bookkeeping. If not mail eden trade in game so I don’t forget to get back to u after I get home

Simply put players will always prefer to do their buying and selling where the most activity and selection is available, even if it means needing to be more competitive at a lower price.

While it would be mighty convenient to sell something closer to a potential buyer for individual items they seek the more successful those small corners of the market become you will start to see other players begin to compete with you. In those limited parts of the market you slowly diminish the value of setting up like that because as you attract more buyers you will also draw more sellers to compete with.

At the end of the day though most of the buying will be done in the same stations because it is easier to travel those 20 jumps and buy everything you need in one trip rather than travel 100 jumps around to a dozen different locations to buy different items at different prices that might be closer to their final destination which is to return home but ultimately still needing to visit a major market to find most of the other items not available in other regions.

That’s my take on why some regions markets are empty.

Sure, but sometimes you just need 1 single item for something and are willing to pay 2x jita price for the convenience of not going 20 jumps.

True, there is potential. It all really depends on how you look at it being a minimalists logistical nightmare or a masochists marketeers dream. I joke of course.

If you happen to have a vast resource of both supply and logistics networks available then it isn’t such a bad idea. Your main goal is to set up an intermediate of trade hubs I would suggest to find a middle ground and create hubs that make a halfway point between as many regions as possible and the closest major trade hubs for those regions.

You could split up many singular sales in multiple regions but you really don’t want to dilute your market exposure so much that a player from a specific region has multiple choices all within the same range to buy the same items.

This is where competition is actually going to be a benefit. If you can create those hubs that offer a one stop shop closer to those regions it will attract more buyers to the same locations which in the end will attract and bring more competition that will help boost the supply and variety in selection that would attract more buyers to those locations overtime. Then you can just let things snowball from there.

Of course eventually prices will decrease and drift away from that “charge twice as much for half the distance” mentality but since the trade volume and frequency would increase it would make it worth the exchange between high prices at low competition to more frequent sales activity and volume with more buyers at modest prices. Making these interim trade hubs just as active as major hubs in comparison to their size and supply available.

The other bonus is making trade in the game less dependent on Major trade hubs because you will see more supply and purchases shift closer to those potential buyers who are so far away from those central markets. Meaning less supply and competition in the major hubs as well which will be more focused to players in high sec.

This will let prices increase in those major hubs and make competing at higher prices at intermediate trade hubs seem more attractive to buyers out on the far reaches of New Eden since there will be less focus at major trade hubs that allowed prices to push so low in the first place that make it worth the trip more because of price and selection.

I would start with essential necessities. Ammo, charges, drones, modules, rigs, etc. Everything you need to fit and supply active game play that needs to be more frequently replenished overtime. Smaller ships that wouldn’t be such a hassle to move to those locations. It all really depends on the logistics involved and where your supply chain is coming from.

If you build it they will come, buyers and seller, better prices and selection, transaction frequency and volume. I look forward to seeing a shortage in supply and increase in prices in Major trade hubs that will also help support future attraction to your spread out markets at more profitable prices as well for the convenience they offer to players outside high sec.

Good luck with your endeavors.

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