Another n00b question - any other notable trading hubs other than Jita?

Jita is the royal diamond of the EVE’s trading crown, but I was wondering if there are any other notable trading hubs?
And, please, if you know such, tell me what routes to avoid getting to them :slight_smile:

On the same note, could you recommend some trading tools - I actually want to find out what stuff is popular etc?
Thank you in advance!

Amarr, Hek, and Dodoxie are the other main ones.

Ask in the rookie help for a link to the trading hubs channel that lists them all and their trade volume.

Avoid flying through Uedama with expensive cargo. That the bottleneck that the suicide gankers love. But it’s hard to avoid. That’s why they love it.



Also remember those are all just regional markets. They haven’t been true hubs in years. Unlike jita you may vary well not find orders for what you’re looking for.


Good point, always best to check some third-party all regions market site such as this one:

…or any of the several other ones that are available.


Note that you can use the “type search” to look up any item to list all available buy and sell orders for that item across New Eden (all regions).

(Though keep in mind it is not real-time thus by the time you get there some orders might be changed, deleted or bought up or sold to.)


I operate out of Amarr - with the exception of a few rarely needed and expensive items you can get everything there. In practice I’ve not been to Jita for years (and I’m an industrialist/manufacturing specialist) and rarely even before then.

The hubs originally formed around the market for mission runners in areas where the mission runners congregated. Those that complain that “CCP should add a new market” must remember that the markets are player generated aspects of the game - they were not imposed.


Curious, how are the prices compared to Jita?

(In case you keep a check on that aspect that is, considering you are specializing in manufacturing, assuming for profit making, I guess you have to keep an eye on the bottom line.)

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I still run into problems with meta modules for some of my fits in amarr. But the bigger problem tends to be finding sell orders that aren’t a joke. Ammo volume has also been low sometimes and there wasn’t enough for all the fits I was trying to get together.

Amarr is definitely in a much better shape than the others but it was dying before niarjia was lost.

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Thank you for your advices! Yesterday I checked some of them in my shuttle (just to be on the safe side)

Thanks! Yesterday I saw lots of ganking activity around Hex - have Angels anything to do with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! Jita is the Crown’s Jewel but I am also looking getting into industry a bit and producing stuff myself. Jita has a disadvantage for selling cheap stuff because of the huge competition

Use Eve Marketer for price and price spread checks

Rens - low volume
Amarr - Money
Dodixie - Meh
Hek - Meh
Jita - Fallen from grace, no longer the classy cesspit it once was


Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I was looking for - incredible site, a life-saver!

Thanks! I am also doing my lil’ newbie research from a manufacturer’s point - and Jita isn’t the best place for selling simpler stuff because of the fierce competition

I can’t argue with your experience but I was searching for a new home myself and realized that there are many more factors - availability of services, route convenience, doing your types of activities, etc. Also those who depend on their corporations, they have little choice too.
But yes, when you already got a zillion of resources and stuff in some station, moving elsewhere might not be worth the effort.

One of the problems is, of course, those cannot be manufactured. And if they could they would be very difficult to make …

Do you mean Meta Ammo?

Don’t you mean golden ammo?

Thank you for the micro reviews! :slight_smile:
And for the link - super tool!

But at least it’s guarded by Angels :smiley:
Interesting, which corp is blowing up ships around Hex?

Dunno, got an Alpha Alt living directly in Hek 12: Lowsec is a bit dangerous, but I’ve never lost any ship in Highsec there. I can even go mining in Hek and adjacent systems.
If you produce stuff like Ammo and Drones, this is a nice market. My tractor beams and salvagers are sold within hours there to a good price.

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When you do so do you join the HMA fleet or go “rogue”?

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Thank you very much for sharing your experience! That’s exactly what I wanted to know - see you in highsec asteroid belts!

Kinda Rogue… in a Venture. It’s more the relaxing kind of mining, to use up these given frigate bpcs. “Kill one NPC” (beltrat) and fill the ore hold once, that’s like a round of solitaire.