Alternate Trade Hub Question

I was doing my usual trading in Jita. But now I’m thinking of a change of scenery. I was looking at Rens or Hek. Any suggestions?

Hek is a very specific market with mission runners and pvp items. Amarr is the place to go if you are a station trader and want to move from Jita. My second choice would be Dodixie.

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Regarding Rens.

Mupersega is a pretty indepth Indy guy and he manufactures for the Rens market. His big focus is on keeping the market filled with each ship.

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Hek is a good choice. Not too crowded. Prices are good.

In a game that supposedly has “player driven markets” I’m surprised that so many players keep using crowded Jita as a trade hub instead of establishing new ones.


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