Trade hubs, have they changed?

I’m a returning player from 2009 - 2014.
Have trade-hubs changed?
Dodixie seems to have fewer people in it.
With player-stations being more functional and viable, have the trade-hubs changed?
It’s still Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, right?

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People are trying to change the hubs to the structures but traders are not as stupid as CCP and try-hards trying make them look like. While structures have taken away some trade volume from the stations (mostly PLEX and skill trading), the bulk of the trade that actually matters is still taking place where it belongs. In unassailable, reliable, convenient and uncorruptible stations, as it is supposed to be the case.

Jita, Amarr, Dodixie and Rens are still there. Hek emerged after 2011 as CCP introduced new SOE agents nearby that required some form of hub that was closer to the agent than Rens.

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You we’re playing at the height of eve online player count. Not as many people play eve today. There are less people everywhere.


also keep in mind that jita-- amarr is now a 40+ jumps trough HS

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Jita is still there , now redesigned .
Amarr has become more profitable , now that we lost Niarja.
Dodixie kinda went down in the last year, Rens is pretty much the same , Hek is more active now.

But for any serious trader , the TTT in Perimeter is where you want your buy orders.

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they just put a super cool amarr jita shortcut and we are back at 10 jumps
good job CCP

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What I like to call the northwest passage may take some trade away from the Minmatari trade hubs, a big uptick in freighters coming through the Panorad star systems. Irgrus is becoming busy.

There was always like 25 jump route with just one low sec system. Cutting new route in half. Not to mention wh’s, drifter wh’s, pochven express…

There is no single good thing in killing player agency. CCP made Amarr unique and now rolled everything back literally making all invasion consequences mostly useless

everyone is enjoying the +2 AU warp speed in dodixie space at the moment.

Perhaps the + 2 AU speed should be implemented in ALL trade-hubs 24/7?
It would probably reduce server lag in JITA a bit i imagine.

Can’t speak for the others, but Amarr seems to still be a trade hub.

Amarr is probably a bigger trade hub ever since being further away from Jita

The main trade hubs are Jita and Amarr. Theres Dodixie, which is more of just a backwater now. Then theres also Hek & Rens, you can’t mention one without the other now. though Hek’s probably more active these days.

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Say that in dodixie local and post the chat log here. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :popcorn: :smiling_imp:

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