Does anyone remember the name of the original trade hub?

Back in the day eve had what we called highway systems that had long reaching jump gates to other factions space. One of these systems was the defacto trade hub in EVE. this would have been back in 2004 or early 2005 if my memory serves. CCP put out an expansion that did away with the highway jumps and Jita became the new trade hub. I have been trying for the last week to remember what system that was and it is bugging me that I can’t. I’ve searched online for the history of EVE but nothing is leading me to the answer I seek.

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That’s it! I hoped someone would remember. Thank you much.

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You should bring it back!

Jita is pretty much it now, the other major trade centres are largely dead, shadows of their former selves, along with the once thriving cross empire trade routes (and populations) - sad really


Probably because the market is superfluous - it is just a big warehouse store. You can just get isk straight from NPC bounties (or blue loot). It would be dumb to attempt industry or “trading.” The nullsec empires build everything so cheap that you just buy it from them with magic NPC isk. There isn’t any reason to even haul loot to market.



The change happened in summer 2005.

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So which of the stations in Yulia was the main hub?

It doesn’t look to be a particularly central place?

The gate routes used to be different.


Trading and industry is very profitable, if you are at least semi-competent.

As were Concord :sob: The good old days. Yulai was that ‘special place’ for Concordokken.

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