It was a mistake to define 4 trade hubs in HS

In HS - there are 4 systems that are “special” because CCP said so.

Jita, Amarr, Rens, and Dodixie.

You cannot anchor a citadel in any of these systems.

If you are going to do this - CCP - ONLY Amarr + Jita deserve such treatment.

Rens and Dodixie do not - and in fact- this has actually screwed the idea of evolving markets.

These systems do not deserve special treatment, in fact- what made Jita 4-4 SO SPECIAL in MY EYES was that it was the same as every other station in the game - but somehow, it ended up being the major market hub.

I always thought that in 10-20 years (Eve forever CCP right?) that there could be a major market revolution and the most popular market would MOVE from Jita. (Yulai perhaps? :D) and that will never happen because CCP decided to define these 4 systems as “special.”

It is against the spirit of the sandbox to have these “special systems”, and there will never be a market revolution that will lead to a new major market.

The only “special systems” should be newbro systems where they have protection against gankers…

Oh well…

I don’t think this a “problem” persay, but it is something that disappoints me a little bit and i wanted to share my thoughts with CCP.

thats wrong. You are confusing the cause and effect. Players chose those systems as their “trade hubs” (one for each race, so newbros can get and sell their stuff easier) and CCP after many years had to make everything for those systems to lag less including special status.


This is a really fair point, and I have a theoretical question (please entertain me, prob won’t happen.)

Lets say people started listing all of their orders at a different Minmatar Market other than Rens, and that eventually - Rens barely has anything on the market. But a new Minmatar system is basically the new market.

Would it be okay for CCP to get rid of Rens special status and give it to another system?

I am never trading in Amarr, but never, and barely am trading in Jita, its just Hek/Rens/Dodixie and other Gall-Minmatar systems that has stuff I need.

I’d assume that if any of trade hubs moved, stabilized and became popular at new place - special permissions/restrictions would move with it. But its up to CCP to decide.

And this really highlights my point… If there were to be a new trade hub established - it cannot happen naturally anymore.

Going to have to get “approval” from CCP pretty much for a new hub…

I’m failing to see the issue here.

People have already gone and set up new Trade Hubs without “approval” from CCP. The biggest one that I can remember is the Venal Prosperity Network: [VPN] Official Venal Prosperity Network thread which was entirely player created and now operates a fairly healthy trade hub in Venal due to the community support.

What’s stopping you from the doing the same?

Do you actually care about establishing new trade hubs, or are you just mad that you can’t anchor citadels in those 4 systems? Because I don’t know why you’d even need to anchor structures to establish a new trade hub in the very system that a trade hub already exists in.

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Appreciate the shoutout my man

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Because in High-sec, trying to create a new market means you have to compete with systems defined by CCP as market hubs…

This is a fairly new thing, and IMO all systems should be the same. No special systems tagged by CCP devs as special.

Again, I don’t see the issue here.

Perimeter has set up shop as one of the best supplemental markets nextdoor to Jita, and people have been trading there for several years now without an issue.

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Is the complete opposite of what was said.

CCP follow our behaviour, not the other way round. We decide where the markets are.

What do you think this means? What rules are in place that make a system a market hub?

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That is patently false. Hek came into existence because there was a need for a market hub closer to Langisi. And most of the market trading there is still taking place in the NPC station and not the myriad of structures. Same goes for Agil, which was needed because Khanid is so far from anywhere and the proximity to Null sec required a restocking point. I am pretty sure that it is still better stocked than the Keberz structures. Stacmon, Ostingele, Vlillirier, Apanake, Sasta/Berta/Gamis are other places with markets, which came to be without special treatment.

When you setup new market, you have to compete with the scope of the existing markets. No one cares about your shitty orders in some corner if you cannot provide a comprehensive market scope. If you cannot do that, your markets are not worth the effort to press dock.

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As others have pointed out, you have this backwards. The only reason CCP has put restrictions on those systems is because they became such popular hubs that had to reinforce the nodes to handle the extra traffic. This only occurred AFTER the players made them popular.

A good exammple is Hek, which does not have restrictions and does have player owned structures in the system.


The nature of the changes CCP has been making over the past two years might just pave the way for them removing special-status restrictions on these systems (I hope so). With recent eco changes and 1% Broker Keepstars next door (and similar POSes elsewhere) absorbing a lot of business (esp buy orders), the value of the NPC tradehubs is going to diminish over time. The momentum of the changes is will likely reach the point where the ability to field a POS in Jita becomes a surefire way to shoot yourself in the foot. This is as it should be. Prob won’t happen anytime soon, though.

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very much this

the reason why those systems have a special status is because of the number of pilots that are there, they moved ore and missions out of jita to lessen the pressure on that node, an incursion or invasion would increase that pressure leading to server problems.

The only thing id be asking CCP to change about any of the systems is to not allow Mobile Depot’s to be placed as well.

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