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Venal Prosperity Network

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Hello IGS

Some of you may recall my previous thread where I talked about a “Small industry initiative” I was undergoing in Venal and updating it as progress developed. Unfortunately I’ve deemed that thread to be outdated, informal and unrepresentative of the scale of operations now. My “small initiative” had become a full fledged project that is incorporating a variety of different Capsuleers who either wish to contribute, or see the value in the project.

I’d like to formally present, The Venal Prosperity Network.

The Venal Prosperity Network is not some Corporation, alliance or coalition. It is a loose organization of Capsuleers and baseliners local to the region of Venal who share an interest in boosting the economic value of the region. I stand more as a spokesman for the group, I’ve chosen not to declare myself as some figure of authority that demands obedience from those Involved. Those apart of the Network are here because they willingly see the potential in the ultimate vision of turning the region into a powerhouse of trade and industry to rival that of the Empires. Undoubtedly a pipe-dream, but a dream nonetheless.

The list of sponsoring and supporting groups goes as follows.

Supporting groups

  • Raata Zaibatsu
  • Hooded Underworld Guys
  • Keven Singdoms Conglomerate
  • Venal Industrial Coalition
  • Plundering Penguins
  • Brootherhood of Spacers
  • United Neopan Federation

Along with “Freelancers” that have become part of the efforts, barring no affiliation to the groups listed above. Given that I don’t (nor want to) place myself as a figure of authority over these groups, I enforce no control over the autonomy of these groups, this they maintain full control over their own affairs and to not have the VPN be some burden to be apart of.

Freelancer Policy

Freelancers are lone Capsuleers and Baseliners who come to the Network without official representation or affiliation of a corporation or

faction. Freelancers gain access to the network, but are guaranteed no diplomatic protection - their relationship with groups involved is entirely in their own hands. That said, a side corporation called the Venal prosperity Agency has been established to house freelancers and be granted some standings with select groups involved, though membership to the agency is and will never be mandatory in order for a Capsuleer or baseliner to obtain Freelancer status.

The benefit of freelancers will be the ability to freely associate as they see fit, while corporations can engage with freelancers at their own discretion, they can and are also encouraged to keep an eye out for potential bodies to add to their own ranks officially


As mentioned before, the Venal Prosperity Network demands no control over the autonomy and affairs of those willing to involve themselves with the efforts. This is not some pact, alliance or coalition - This if anything, is a vision. A vision that those involved have some amount of faith in that they wanna be apart of the progress.

Given that the network will have something of an open door policy, demanding control over the diplomacy of each group to “blue him” “ or “blue those guys” will become tiresome and repetitive process and will ultimately be an annoying burden for those involved.

Even to my own surprise, such a policy has proven to not make the Network a chaotic mess - I understand that if someone read that, they would assume it’s festival of people killing one another endlessly and no actual cooperation is being done - Though, currently, the reality would be surprising - with groups involved somewhat eagerly cooperating with one another, discussing trade and operating in fleets together here and there. Though, I understand the doubts some may have

The Mission

Before I get ahead of myself any further, allow me to lay out the mission behind the Network. The motto I’ve chosen for the Network is “Bringing Economic and Cultural prosperity to a region overlooked”

Bringing Economic prosperity is done in the manner of Capsuleers coming out here and utilizing the facilities (Or Capsuleers) to produce new goods to supply the region’s rather bare marketplace. Prices for goods currently can be considered criminal by those more familiar with the markets in high-security space., though with the hope of more pilots coming in and producing their own goods and bringing competition to the region, we can lower prices down and make things more affordable out here for everyone.

Economic prosperity will also come in the form of the opening of new citadels, engineering complexes and refineries and planetary colonies, providing more services and jobs for the region. Of course, most of this mostly affects the Capsuleer population - as such, the Network also would like to encourage the opening of new businesses - such as the recently announced Hissi Fit lounge by Lauralite Brezia.

Though i bet those reading can also be curious as to what the hell i mean by “Cultural prosperity”. Well, i do wanna say New Eden has a very large misunderstanding when it comes to the Guristas…Many will screech that they’re nothing more than uncivilized barbarians that need to be eradicated without mercy. And well, having stayed in their space for some time? I can say that couldn’t be farther from the truth - The Guristas hold onto a lot of values and traditions that can be found in the Caldari State, the Network aims to make that vehemently clear to the wider cluster, though doing so could be a very delegate and complicated matter.

At the same time, we are also trying to enrich the “Capsuleer Culture” in these parts by opening a platform for residents of the region to communicate and operate, instead of it being another region of Capsuleer tribes that war with those not apart of their standing list or memes.

Cooperation with the Guristas

Is the logo didn’t make it clear to you already…The Prosperity Network would like to cooperate with the region owners, the Guristas. As it stands right now, the Venal Prosperity Network has not made any official communications with the Guristas outside of submitting research and manufacturing jobs and the occasional security op a pilot takes on.

I do not believe it is wise to start this project and just walk all over the Guristas, using their stations and services and ignoring their presence. They’re the rightful owners though their force projection and already established infrastructure, the Network aims to add on to it, not take it over.

It should be made clear however, that the Network in no way is officially apart of the Guristas or takes orders from them. We are however open to more cooperation so that we can both ensure what’s best for the region at large.

This entire thing is flawed

I’m not gonna drone on and sell some idea that the Network is some perfect project that can’t fail. Admittedly, i’ve never ran a Alliance, Corporation or a simple fluid router channel or fleet. So I’m well aware that those reading will see some glaring flaws in the project that are worrisome. I myself am curious exactly when this whole thing will come crumbling down due to my incompetence or lack of experience, instead of focusing on doubt however, I’ve focused on just what i can do to improve it and sustain it’s lifespan as long as i can.

So everything here? Subject to change or refinement…

Closing Statements

Those that want to get involved are encouraged to contact me in any way they see possible. Before anyone get access to the Network, i’d like to speak with them and build something of a rapport with them before giving them a set of keys.

Any questions, i’ll be here to answer.


Really happy to see this getting of the ground! I can also confirm that, as a resident, spontaneous collaboration is indeed present here and I’m glad to have part in it. I wish this project nothing but sucess!


Once again, It’s good to have you aboard pilot, can always use more pilots out here making a difference!


I’m quite glad for the opportunity to have opened the Lounge aboard the Logistics Support in 6NJ. The Grand Opening went much better than I had initially expected, a fair number of capsuleers from various organizations being in attendance. There were not very many baseline individuals present during the majority of the event, as it fell during one of the busier dock and crew rotations, so things were not especially crowded. In the future, the Lounge is open to any and all who wish to visit.

Your work with the VPN is quite wonderful Mr. Yaken, and I hope to see it continue to grow.


awesome , we need more stuff like this :ok_hand:


I’m very pleased to hear about the success of your grand opening of the lounge. And I’m happy to have the involvement of the UNF-A in the Prosperity Network. Here’s to continued growth as YC 122 approaches!

Simple, yet i appreciate your encouragement nonetheless.

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Fun little fight the other day saving a friendly rorq, scrambling (out of bed for some of us!) and rushing to the system. Managed to assemble a rag-tag fleet and warped in to fend off the baddies.

Took some losses but managed to save the rorq so op success! Was interesting to see such a mix of people in the fleet coming together to help.


Thank you for sharing!

Though i think this tale deserves a wee bit more context

A small skirmish broke out after a Network freelancer by the alias ‘Hazal T’ was moving to scoop up an upwell structure of theirs in the system of 92K-H2, using a combat fit Rorqual no less.

Unfortunately for them, an ambush was waiting for them made up of pilots of the alliance Straight for the Sun. They tackled their Rorqual and created a situation that would otherwise seem like another helpless capital ship being pelted by a much larger and well equipped force.

However, thanks to the Network and the will of a few other pilots, this Rorqual would be pulled out of that fire it landed itself in. HAzel T contacted Ackaroth of Plundering Penguins, who reached out to pilots of Hooded Underworld, and they put together on the spot a impromptu recsue team to head out to 92K-H2 and fend off the attackers.

Sustaining losses as Willus said, the defenders managed to atleast complete their objective and save that Rorqual with all souls onboard.

This is a story that i hold quite dear, as it’s a story that gives me faith in this project, that this Network can bring people together to cooperate and communicate and bring prosperity to this region. And i hope more significant moments like this can happen again and keep the vision alive.


The opening of this ‘Hypernet Relay’ presents some very interesting opportunities to move some products out here. I’ve taken the liberty of putting up some orders to get the ball moving, the Worms and Gila are my orders - Incredible piece of technology well worth their costs, but thanks to the Hypernet? That value can be anyone’s for a fraction of the price!

I will see about maintaining even more orders in the near future and establish a raffle scene out in these parts…The Guristas do like their gambling.


The Hypenet is proving to have alot of potential, as such I’m going to capitalize on it to help boost the efforts out here.

Having moved a total of twenty Worms using the Hypernet, i will be now moving onto lower tier and cheaper goods to put up for raffling, Destroyers, Tayras, and Ventures for right now. All prices are based off the current local prices out here in 6NJ8-V.

This, i hope encourages more people to come out to these parts, maybe look on the market for some fittings for their new hulls.


“Guristas money laundering and corporate scrip exchange activity “increases substantially” after Venal trade hub established”

This is a ticker from the recent Scope broadcast at the timestamp 1:32.

I’m quite pleased at this turn of events, I’m happy that all the effort put forth by Network members is paying off and the Guristas are reaping some of the benefits of having a trade hub to call their own.

I’m quite satisfied with all this, what started off with a small time industrial endeavor, has blossomed into something much more, I am honored to have met the people i have on this path towards prosperity for Venal, It’s been quite the adventure and experience and i look forward to what YC 122 has in store for us. I don’t aim to stop here, i want to see further expansion of our efforts in this region and a vision i have come reality.

In due time, i hope you will all see what i and a few others have in mind. I don’t want this to be the ending, but the beginning of greater things.


Glad to be a part of this initiative, together with the VNIC. Prosperity for the locals - long live Venal!


It’s been good having you along for the ride.

VNIC, or the Venal Industrial Coalition, is in-fact a corporation born out of thee Network, the owners may have migrated to the region to my efforts i was making public, but they formed a banner of their own once inside with the mission of starting up their own production lines. I’d say more, but i’ts not my place to reveal all the secrets of Walkop’s organization.

Point is, I’m very happy to have Walkop’s commitment and efforts apart of the Network. I have hopes he’ll continue to be a contributing factor out here.

Inspired by Avio, I have put 8 Sabres up on the Hypernet Relay in 6NJ8-V. I would imagine that gambling on the Hypernet would be a good compliment to the Hissi Fit bar.


Look forward to gambling my well earned planetary profits at the bar as well

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I really appreciate you taking the time to source such magnificent starships out here. If the Hypernet offers don’t go though I’d hope you’d at least list them on the market out here. Almost certain there’s some Capsuleers who’d like to own them

You patronage of any establishment out here in 6NJ8-V will help greatly.

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Small notice on some new buy orders i’ve tossed up

I’m looking for compressed ore, specifically Dense Veldspar, Massive Scordite and Viscous Pyroxeres

Now i know - i know, I’m out here on the Null security frontier where rare ore can be found, why the hell am i buying up ore that can be found back in high security space.

Multiple reasons, firstly, to run an experiment that might liven up the economy a wee bit. Next, having lived out here for a few months and having to do my own mining from time to time. I learned to appreciate the simple and increadily easy to mine Veldspar or Scrodite. I’m in need for material like Tritanium to help fortify my stocks out here, It’s the one material I’m in dire need of in bulk in order to mass produce much more aggressively. I still got several industrial -class haulers i need to build and stock up on the market, along with destroyers.

Soon than we all think, I’ll have every Tier one frigate, Destroyer and industrial hauler on the market out here. Stepping up to that hull size is gonna need alot of basic materials however, so if you’re reading this and got a interceptor or looking to do some mining out in this sector, know that i need your help and as these buy order prices i linked will show you - I’m willing to pay.

Thanks to Upwell technology, compressed ore is very accessible to any pilot, just take your ore to any Citadel with a working reprocessing center and send them in to be compressed from your hanger. 6NJ-8V even has such a citadel under the name “Nem’s Love hut”…Nem is a fleet commander for the Brotherhood of Spacers, he purchased the structures off the former freeport owners and gave them his own touch with the renaming. Good enough guy, i can say that much.


A strange development has occurred, at least out here in Venal.

Veldspar is nowhere to even be found out here, I’ve checked the belts in 6NJ8-V and used the agency interface to scout belts further from the system…To my shock and suprise, Veldspar is nowhere to be seen.

My buy order for Compressed Dense Veldspar will remain up, i won’t be able to depend on local supply for the ore, but doesn’t mean it can’t be imported still, as a result - i will be bumping up y price by another 500 ISK


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Something i never mentioned prior is how exactly the network is of benefits to non-Capsuleer individuals out here in Venal. I do believe i should remedy this by explaining it now rather than never.

More so as I’ve recently invested funding into expanding this infrastructure to all stations and citadel freeports in Venal, but now residents of Guristas stations and select freeports will be able to approach one of many newly installed Network kiosks and download a Neocom application that connects them to the Prosperity Network.

From this application, the user will be able to look though countless buy and sell orders posted by other users throughout Venal. Either one is looking to sell some spoils or another is looking to buy a collectible, users that register with the Network will be able to advertise whatever it is they’re looking to buy or sell. This includes services, Freelancer status is much a thing with non-capsuleers. Freelancers will be able to advertise any specialty they have to offer at a price of their choosing.

The ‘Baseliner’ client of the Network application is separated from the Capsuleer client, While Capsuleers are free to use the counterpart client for niche purchases, the Capsuleer side of the Network will remain secured for Capsuleers to discuss their high end and more relevant transactions. Another difference the Baseliner client has over the Capsuleer variant is it’s range. Users will only be able to access the Network within the region of Venal, this is to help minimize potential cyber threats to the Network from outside parties. It is called the Venal Prosperity Network afterall, be silly if you could connect to it some silly region like Period Bases.

The client also allows digital payments between buyer and seller, supporting payment options with Caldari Mega corporations script or straight up Guristas script. As well as ISK of course for those users that have access to the currency. The client does all the math on transaction rates and allows the user to include and exclude what forms of payment are acceptable. Of course, they could bypass this entirely and pay in their own discreet manner.

We hope the expansion of this service will help make trade in Venal much more easier and convenient for the people of Venal. We hope to expand the service to any planetside colonies in Venal, but will test the waters with the spacer community of the region. This service is free, with the house taking no cut or tax out of any user’s transaction.

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I’ve kept this under wraps for awhile, but several weeks ago I obtained the rights of ownership of the customs office in orbit of the Guristas capital world of 6NJ8-V IV, A world that was terraformed into what it is today by Fatal and The Rabbit.

While i have my personal gripes about terrafromed worlds,I can’t change the fact that this world is the Guristas’ declared capital world and whatever personal feelings i have are irrelevant. As such, i went out of my way to get ahold of the ownership of this customs office so that i may angle it to support the Gurstas. I managed to purchase it off the former owners of Frozen Silver of the Arkhos Core alliance after they pulled out of the system. the other offices they owned in system were sold off to Brotherhood of Spacers.

I’ve handed off control of the customs office to the Raata Zaibatsu’ s Raata Colonly Administration,
for temporary (Or permanent) holding. Under my ownership this customs office will be open to the Guristas, free of charge - I do have my theories they don’t even bother with going though customs offices to get their goods off the surface of a planet, As such I think of this more as a gesture of opening the door for them to use the infrastructure in orbit of their planet.

As long as i maintain ownership of this customs office, it will not work for the interests of a Capsuleer organization, but for the Guristas. Will it be besieged and eventually torn down by a fleet I or my allies could take on? Not out of the question, until then however - i hope the Guristas can make use of this.