Startup looking for sponsors!

(Catherine De'Lane) #1

Greetings Intergalactic Summit!

It is with Great pleasure that I announce my plans for creating a service for Luxury or other forms of travel for Pilots and persons alike! These are vacation homes in popular areas for Zip lining, Snow boarding, Hot spas and other exciting engagements!

I am looking for a region of space, be in Hi, Low or null to help us begin this wonderful adventure together! It needs to be moderately traveled and easy to get too with regular Interbus services. I will be checking for regions with heavy Custom office kills, so please an area which is not too busy with Capsule pilots!

ISK is NOT Needed! I have all the kredit and time needed to continue this venture. However, what I do not have is an entity with Customs offices over temperate planets that can facilitate constant travel for travelers and commodities. A large amount of traffic is necessary for the process of transporting building supplies, life support, food and construction equipment to begin building our lovely home away from homes!

If this is something that interests you, please let me know! I can answer more questions in Private messages for prospective sponsors!


(Arrendis) #2

So, basically you’re looking for temperate worlds where you can set up POCOs?

(Catherine De'Lane) #3

I am looking for Various Temperate worlds with Customs offices already setup belonging to the entity looking to sponsor. There is no specific type of range of environments, many different types of people enjoy varying activities!

There are percentages they will be entitled too!


(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #4

My secret volcano lair underneath a lake of sulfuric acid never required a poco to build.

(Kithrus) #5

But the insurance alone must be a drag to say nothing for the smell.

(Catherine De'Lane) #6

You give me a cool looking Volcano and I will find you a market! I’m sure I could get something to work. Whether it makes a lot of money is a different question.

(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #7

Well my volcano is a three klick high shield variant on the dark side of a tidally locked planet. Great views of electric blue brimstone magma into an acid lake to dispose of the bodies.

Great place for alone time when I don’t bring this identity off the ice rack for fun and games of ultraviolence and have to be my true self.

Sometimes being a corporate exec in the conflict investment business can be such a bore when you can’t get some time in for real conflict and get your hands bloody with some kills.

Anyway, I’m all good on the pleasure front, and my pleasures do not really entail the usual sanitized package tourist deals

(Catherine De'Lane) #8

Those descriptions sound quite extravagant! Perhaps for the more Adventurous Tourist I can get something to work. I’ll keep you in mind!


(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #9

Sure, why not. I always know how to show an adventurous type a Good Time.

(Alex Hinkelmann) #10

Ms De’Lane,

I’ve had the time to speak to our customs committee at Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport and we’ve agreed to allow an opening of dialog in regards to this petition for sponsorship. Currently we’d be willing to open up the use of a Terrestrial customs office under our jurisdiction in the Intaki Syndicate.

Further details of course can be discussed in private with a Ishukone-Raata Representative.

Alexandre Hinkelmann
Ishukone-Raata Corporate Investment Bank.
Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive, Executor.

(Orpheus Menkalinan) #11

I was going to suggest this, so am glad to see I-RED making the offer. It compliments other efforts to normalise activity on planets in the region.

Ms. De’Lane, there are some wonderful locations in Syndicate within easy reach of the Federation’s borders. I would be happy to discuss arrangements (on behalf of the Intaki Syndicate Militia) with any of your clients who might be nervous about making the journey; either by way of a yacht berth or a scout for the more adventurous.

(Catherine De'Lane) #12

Mr Hinkelmann,

This is just the offer I was looking for! I will be contacting you with a Private message very soon, although I do have a few questions.

My knowledge of Syndicate and the surrounding regions is sorely lacking.

How hard is it to travel too?

Are transports attacked often in the region?

Are the Serpentis in the region known for kidnapping and ransom?

What of Capsuleer pirates?

If These are questions you would rather answer in private please feel free! This is a very exciting opportunity for the both of us!


(Catherine De'Lane) #13

Do you work with I-RED? I will admit my knowledge of Syndicate Politics is below 0.

(Orpheus Menkalinan) #14

“Working with” is a bit grand for me. I am just a local manufacturer, although I am pleased to support the Syndicate Sustainability Initiative as a fairly regular supplier.

(Shintoko Akahoshi) #15

That area is unique in that the Intaki Syndicate is prohibited by treaty from settling planets. I suspect there will be some interesting legal challenges involved with this project. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

(Orpheus Menkalinan) #16

There is a debate to be had, although perhaps not for this discussion, about what level of activity constitutes ‘settlement’.

EDIT: the prohibition appears to be on planetary colonies, which perhaps has a slightly different connotation to settlement.

(MantelGlobalIndustries) #17

The prohibition is on any and all forms of planetary settlements and colonies. It’s a restriction dating back to the early years of the Caldari-Gallente War, when the original five thousand were exiled by President Duvailer to the region that is now known as Syndicate. It’s why there are a considerable number of space stations out there.