ISP for Intaki!

I appreciate that many IGS readers take little or limited notice of events in Placid and Syndicate. Those for whom that applies may prefer to stop reading at this point but, while you are here, here is the short version:

  • the Intaki Space Police (Syndicate’s primary security force), is negotiating a contract to provide security services to the Intaki Assembly (the government of the Intaki, one of the Federation’s founding members);
  • the ISP is a controversial choice to some in the Federation due to its connection to Syndicate;
  • the ISP winning the contract could be a big step towards normalising relations between the Federation and the Syndicate;
  • this could, in turn, have a positive impact on the prosperity and security of the Federal regions bordering Syndicate (Placid, Solitude and Verge Vendor), areas that our new President Aguard has promised not to ignore.

I would encourage IGS readers with connections to any of the regions affected to consider publicly endorsing the appointment of the ISP and, to the extent relevant, contacting their Assembly representative.

The background to this contract is a story that goes back over ten years to the first conquest of Intaki by Caldari forces under Concord’s Emergency Militia War Powers Act (CEMWPA) and the subsequent auction in YC 111 by the Caldari Providence Directorate of ‘development and exploration rights’ in occupied Federation systems to State registered corporations. A consortium comprising Ishukone and Mordu’s Legion won the auction for Intaki with a knock out bid that surprised many given Ishukone’s fragile financial position at the time and has long been the subject of unsubstantiated speculation about third party financing.

The rights of Ishukone and Mordu’s Legion in Intaki were later converted into contracts with the Intaki Assembly that exist under the federally recognised franchise system. Since then, both have proved (with one disastrous exception) to be successful and committed franchisees who have contributed much to the prosperity and security of Intaki. However, when the franchises expired last year, both Ishukone and Mordu’s Legion served formal notice declining to renew the arrangements and the Intaki Assembly has since been trying to find replacements.

By the end of YC 121, the Intaki Assembly had renewed Astral Mining’s astromining franchise and awarded the communications franchise to Semiotique Superluminal but failed to settle the security and shipping franchise. Talks began with the ISP, despite objections from members of the Federal Security Council convened by then President Roden, but they were overtaken by the tumultuous events of YC 122, in particular the terror attacks on the Presidential Election and, of course, the invasion of the Triglavian Collective. Ironically, those events have actually seen the ISP working more closely with Federal authorities in relation to evacuation and resettlement efforts, for example. This warming of relations combined with the election of President Aguard places the resumption of negotiations between the Assembly and the ISP in a uniquely favourable political environment to succeed.

Why does the success of these negotiations matter so much? Having a Syndicate organisation responsible for the security of one of the founding members of the Federation could mark the beginning of a long overdue normalisation of relations between the Syndicate and the Federation. Easing existing barriers to finance and trade as well as increasing security cooperation would benefit the Federal regions bordering Syndicate, all of whom have been neglected too long and have much to gain from closer relations with a neighbour who has been even more marginalised.

I should declare an interest in the outcome. My employer is a contractor to the ISP, mostly in the area of immigration services. In the spirit of transparency, here is an overview of what Chatelain Auxiliary is doing to support its client in this matter.

  • We are coordinating with the Intaki Prosperity Initiative and Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive to divert tax revenue from local capsuleer customs infrastructure to the Intaki Assembly to support the ongoing reconstruction costs it faces following last year’s incursion by Lai Dai.
  • We are continuing to conduct ‘robust mining’ operations in Intaki, in coordination with the IPI and Nadire Security Consultants to support local industry;
  • We are assisting ISP in its work relocating refugees from Ignebaener by transferring a number to our industrial facility orbiting Intaki V.
  • Chatelain Biopharma is implementing an expansion of the Achaert Foundation’s medical facilities from Navyii Akat to Lenoika.

This is actually quite interesting. As an Intaki myself i’v always had a somewhat curious relationship with the likes of the Syndicate and Mordu’s Legion.I’m a proud member of the Gallente armed forces and not exactly a Dove by extension, so there’s a certain impulse to look down on them for their origins aiding the Caldari state. On the other hand they are still Intaki, and especially in the case of the Syndicate it’s not as though they have strictly taken a side since then. First and foremost they are fixated on business, and that I can respect at least. Even if I find their shady dealing with illegal goods and the Serpantis distasteful.

But I also agree with the sentiment that the ISP have proven that they are looking out for their people, and further their work alongside Federation forces is encouraging, even the Serpentis assisted with the evacuation.

I have no stake in ISP personally, and perhaps even a little dislike. But given their recent actions and the election I would like to offer my cautious support, I would be interested in seeing further closeness in relations and perhaps future business.


The Congress on Luminaire Republicanism fully supports the Intaki Assembly contracting the Intaki Space Police for security duties, in the hope of warming relations between the Federation and the Syndicate; one day, we can hopefully welcome them back to the Federation with open minds and concessions on both sides. If Chatelain Auxiliary requires any specific assistance or support in this campaign, do not hesitate to reach out.

Aram Medici
Chairman of The Congress on Luminaire Republicanism

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Wow! Here I totally thought they called it Syndicate because of Scope Syndication!

Nope, Quafe has, count ‘em, twelve stations out here, you should visit!

Normalization of relations between the Syndicate and the Federation is a good thing in both short and long term. All initiatives that increase our interconnectivity with the Syndicate region and its inhabitants may lead to the change of view from the political caste on the future of both sides that may lead to integration instead separation.


The Intaki Liberation Front, and wider Intaki Prosperity Initiative alliance, has long operated along the Placid/Syndicate border in an effort to stabilise the local economy and build bridges between the various communities.

ILF pilots have flown alongside those from CHTAR for months, actively supporting the Intaki Space Police against threats across the Syndicate region, in a conscious echo of ISP patrols in Placid in the past.

It should surprise noone therefore, that on behalf of the ILF and IPI, I urge the Intaki Assembly to award the Shipping and Security franchise to the Intaki Space Police.

To do so would be a great step towards fully normalising the relationship with the Syndicate and hopefully go some way towards challenging the prejudices that still hold strong within sections of Federal society.


As you and I have discussed several times prior, my own opinion on Syndicate and their apparatus of government has not been for many years a positive one. That has not changed, although the recent assistance rendered to the Federation throughout the Triglavian Crisis has not gone unrecognised either.

There is precedent for organisations from foreign entities assuming various Franchise functions in the Federation, most notably in Intaki but also in other areas such as the Federal District of Algintal, as well as elsewhere throughout Sinq Laison. The possibility of the Intaki Space Police assuming control of the Shipping and Security Franchise, or part of it, is not beyond reality.

However, I am not fully convinced that the Intaki Space Police are the best equipped for the job, nor would they have the accountability necessary for the guardianship of the Intaki District. I also share the concerns of the Federal Security Council surrounding the ISP, although those concerns are not just limited to the ISP alone in who gets to provide Franchise services. My own personal preference would be to see the Aliastra Corporation return to provide Shipping and Security services, as they have historic ties within the region and are more than capable of assuming the mantle of Ishukone and Mordu’s Legion. There could also be the possibility that the Intaki Space Police be given sub-contracted roles under the ultimate oversight of Aliastra.

However, my opinion is merely that: my opinion. I am an outsider and not a resident of the Intaki Federal District. Ultimately, this decision will rest with the Intaki Assembly and hopefully the people of the Intaki Federal District too will have their say in the organisation they wish to have protect their commercial and customs arrangements. I would especially hope that is the case with the latter, taking into consideration the recent upheaval regarding the Assembly in light of Lai Dai’s incursion.


Long has my focus been on gathering information that provides insights into tactical and strategic threats faced by ‘our’ Federation.

Including concerns of its own making.

With a vision to build a safe, strong Federation where freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society flourish.

The goals of ‘our’ Federation being the promotion of ‘moderate’ public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, federated government, and individual liberty throughout the Cluster; I support this effort.


I join my Suresha in raising my voice to praise and support this move.

Though I do understand the worries of some that there may be some members of the Syndicate who may have shown leniency towards certain criminal organisations in the past. I feel that the Intaki Space Police will admirably uphold their duties in this matter.


I’m curious as to why you think this.

The Intaki Space Police are responsible with maintaining security across an entire region. They already have a record of expanding their patrols beyond their own borders to provide a stabilising security presence, when others have failed to do so, and more recently have demonstrated that they are capable of working alongside a number of other organisations in humanitarian efforts across the Federation.

I’d say they’ve evidenced they do have the resources and personnel necessary.

In terms of accountability, I see no reason as to why this would be different to any other security franchisee, either.

Systems across the Federation entrust the safety of their people to a wide range of PMC and government military organisations via the franchise system, and the effectiveness and reputation of these organisations varies greatly. Should the Intaki Assembly award the ISP the security franchise, as is the hope of many, then the Intaki Space Police will be bound by the terms of that agreement, including any penalty clauses it includes.

Of course the Intaki Assembly is equally as important here, if not more so. Regardless of which organisation is awarded the security franchise, the people of Intaki, especially those who suffered during the recent crisis, righly expect their elected representatives to respond quickly and appropriately should violence break out in the system, including challenging their security franchisees should they been seen to fail to carry out their duties.

For the shipping contract, this is an interesting proposition.

I’m not aware of their security or military capabilities, but the Intaki Prosperity Initiative would certainly support Aliastra as shipping franchisees for the Intaki system. Many of us in the ILF in particular, regularly reach out to representatives of the so called “Intaki Megacorp”, and to see them locally would be very welcome.


I believe that the Intaki Space Police are unqualified for the role, in part because they are associated with the Syndicate. As you know and as I have already stated in this thread and in the past when matters involving the Syndicate have come to light, I do not trust that Syndicate in it’s current state of being are suitable partners. If any other organisation that is proven to have obtained funding from activities which are linked to criminal activities, they would expect to be met with official sanction under the relevant legislation dealing with the proceeds of crime. That is the standard which is to be expected within the Federation, for any entity that seeks to do business related to the affairs in safeguarding interstellar commerce and protection of the people. Keep in mind that the responsibilities of Customs enforcement falls upon the Shipping and Security providers - would you trust enablers of smuggling to enforce customs laws against smugglers and their ilk?

The Intaki Space Police have pedigree in safeguarding a region in which lawlessness and criminality are the order of the day outside of the station-states, and I will admit they do a reasonably good job of it. Then again, they have not come up against serious opposition that would threaten the stability of the Syndicate in recent times, not to my knowledge. Conducting short-term patrols across Placid also does not give them the necessary experience. There are also the reasons why the Federal Navy, Security Council and the Intelligence Office are in opposition to this. I would very much like for them to state for the public record the grounds for their objections so that it may be known to us all.

Again, I shall echo my sentiment in my earlier post here and reiterate that this is will be a decision for the IntakI Federal District to make, which they are entitled to make under the terms of the franchise system. It is also not my District. However, my opinion (which is solely my opinion) is that I do not have faith with some of the Intaki Assembly given the allegations made against certain members which to my knowledge have not been reliably refuted. Allegations that were incendiary enough for the citizenry to almost rise in rebellion against them. I would very much like that faith restored, but I fail to see that happening without an inquest of accountability into the matter.

Aliastra are known to possess a sizeable security force contingent as most space-faring megacorporations inevitably do. If you recall several years ago when a multitude of surplus destroyer-class hulls became available for third party purchase, Aliastra saw fit to decommission thirty percent of it’s Catalyst fleet charged with shipping and trade protection, as they were surplus to their requirements at the time. From this, it can be assumed that they possess and operate a significant private security force that is more than capable of meeting the demands of the role.

With the Federation Navy being an unlikely choice for ever being selected in the near future despite their performance during the Triglavian invasion of Intaki, and my own reservations against the Intaki Space Police from being granted the role (again, my opinion as an outsider only), Aliastra would be among the most logical choices to assume the duties for the protection and encouragement of commerce and trade in the Intaki Federal District. The return of Aliastra would be as symbolic as it would be beneficial to the IFD’s economy, whilst also presumably being palatable to the citizens of the Intaki Federal District and to the powers-that-be in the Federation.

Aliastra is reported to be applying for Megacorporate status in the Caldari State. The allegations against some members of the Assembly that you rightly raise relate to their recent dealings with another Megacorporation from the State. Given that recent history and the civil unrest that followed, I can understand why an alternative candidate would be appealing.

I understand your reservations about the Syndicate but ask you, what better way to address them than to end the policy of marginalisation (illegal even at the time it began) that underlies the causes of those concerns?


Perhaps some third-party oversight would be appropriate. And I see no reason why a properly considered cooperative arrangement, to include the ISP alongside, erm, “cleaner” organizations, would not also be effective.

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If Aliastra are seeking to obtain Mega-corporate status in the Caldari State, then that would only prove more beneficial for their corporate strategy which has long since focused on foreign markets in the Republic and the State, as well as to the Empire to an extent. That they would be considered a ‘corporation’ under State law and thus have the benefits of that status for their operations in the State would not exclude them from being a viable candidate for the Shipping and Security Franchise due to the abuses of the Lai Dai Corporation. Aliastra would remain as a Federally-headquartered corporation and thus bound to the laws of the Federation.

Both sides need to compromise in order for a rapprochement to ever take place. I am sure the Federation will be open to negotiations, but the Syndicate will need to offer substantial concessions as well which I am not convinced they will make easily, if at all, due to the ‘decentralised’ nature of the Syndicate. It cannot simply be a one-sided affair with this attempt at reconciliation.

The misdeeds and sins of our ancestors should not pass on to their progeny, but when the latter continue to commit said acts or aid and abet those that do well into the present day, it’s difficult to sympathise with their position.

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I and others who support the Intaki Space Police’s bid are familiar with the Intaki Syndicate’s reputation. A reputation, it has to be said is mostly perpetuated (and often ignored when it’s convenient) by some within the Gallente Federation.

I was going to respond at length to challenge that reputation a little.

I was, for example, going to argue against the absurd claim made earlier that the Syndicate region is lawless. Of course it isn’t.

What rules do people think the Intaki Space Police are enforcing? How does the ISP claim legitimacy when doing so? That Syndicate law has simply diverged from that of the Federation does not mean it is completely absent.

I was also going to point to the clear water between the actual criminal organisations, such as Serpentis, who commonly operate in the Syndicate region (just as they operate in Federation space), and the Syndicate proper. I was going to highlight the very public clashes between the two to support this.

But I won’t.

I understand that by doing so here isn’t going to change the long-held opinions held by those who oppose the Syndicate as an entity.

Instead, I defer to the words of Chairman Arteu of Outer Ring Excavations, when he spoke in November YC117.

ORE had just successfully wrestled control of their organisation back from Serpentis, and the organisation was confirmed to be joining the Upwell Consortium.

He said, “The Upwell Consortium board is grateful to now have the opportunity of working with ORE on a sound legal footing, free of the taint of gross criminality, piracy and terrorism that are the marks of the so-called Serpentis Corporation.”

Consider that for a moment.

The Upwell Consortium, as funded by Intaki Bank of the Intaki Syndicate, takes extensive care to avoid the taint of criminality and piracy.

The Syndicate itself is not a criminal entity.

But public statements, even when made by individuals held in higher esteem than I, are not enough to shift the deeply ingrained anti-Syndicate sentiments of some.

Actions are needed.

And just as with the actions of Intaki Bank as part of the Upwell Consortium, I believe the Intaki security franchise provides the Intaki Space Police with an opportunity to demostrate their capacity for legitimate activities that will earn the trust of those within Placid and beyond.


You have always expressed yourself in an eloquent matter, Suresha. Irrespective of whether you’d write a statement or a manifesto, you’d convey your stance in a forthright manner all the same. However, if you did respond ‘at length’, one could easily retort with an equal amount, if not twice, to repudiate those challenges.

The ISP enforce ‘laws’ that permit the free and unrestricted travel of entities that have been proscribed by the laws of the Federation and by CONCORD. Laws which give quarter to those infamous and those independent of but piratical all the same. It is not unreasonable to have reservations that the Intaki Space Police, considering they have an interest through the Syndicate to keep commerce both legitimate and illicit flowing, would effectively manage the shipping and security franchise in a manner that is not only beneficial to the Intaki Federal District but also to the neighbouring Districts.

Yes, I am sure that the Consortium would wish to avoid any ‘taint’ of criminality and piracy, hence why they make use a financial institution that deliberately conceals the financial movements of their clients from any investigative body or regulators. This lack of transparency would be very convenient for any organisation that would look to cultivate a positive public image.

I should also mention that it is an institution that maintains a stock exchange filled with such colourful organisations such as True Creations. No doubt they also provide the same services they do for TC as they do for Serpentis Inquest and Guristas Production, amongst others. The Intaki Bank and Commerce facilitate financial transactions for criminal organisations, and uses their commission earned from said transactions washing dirty money to fund the Intaki Space Police. Money that has been extracted from the pain and suffering inflicted upon the people of the Federation and the Republic.

Upwell lacks transparency, for certain. I don’t also care much for the Serpentis losing out in regards to ORE either. But this is not about them. This is about the ISP and the authority that they answer to, as well as their suitability for the Intaki Federal District.

If this blows up in the face of the Assembly, should they award the ISP the contract, I sincerely hope there are serious consequences.

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