[ILF] Statement Re: Intaki Security & Shipping Franchise

Namas Tayam

What follows is an official statement on behalf of the Intaki Liberation Front, regarding the Shipping and Security franchise, which is scheduled to be reviewed and retendered by the Intaki Assembly during YC121.

Let me begin by reaffirming my gratitude to both Ishukone and Mordu’s Legion for their work in the Intaki home system over the last ten years. Their personnel have carried out their duties with the diligence and efficiency that is to be expected from two such highly respected organisations.

Therefore, in recognition of their professionalism in Intaki to date, it is my sincere hope that both Ishukone and Mordu’s Legion will seek to negotiate a renewal of their contracts.

Should they choose to do so, the Intaki Liberation Front will submit a formal recommendation to the Intaki Assembly, advocating for a continuation of the current arrangements.

However, regardless of our own preferences, it is our expectation that the franchise procurement process is an open and transparent one. It is in Intaki’s interests that ample opportunity is given to other organisations who may wish to submit their own competing offers.

I would like to finish by saying that the Intaki Liberation Front has been committed to an aspirational vision for Intaki and her historic colonies for over a decade.

As an active and engaged organisation, proud to be a part of the communities we support throughout the Viriette constellation, we will also be reaching out to the Senators of the wider Viriette District to request details of the Shipping and Security franchises for the rest of the constellation, particularly the scheduled renewal dates that apply.

I am of course happy to answer any questions people may have.


Suresha | Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative


The Intaki ‘Liberators’ are, as always, nothing more than the vile lapdogs of greater masters, whether it be the filthy, slavery-abetting Ishukone corporation, or Gallente imperalists who use our colonies as playthings in their war games.

No-one was there to help us when Reschard was destroyed. We Intaki can only rely upon ourselves and all others will be left to drink our tears.

The incumbent franchisees are indeed to be congratulated on their successful tenure.

Perhaps that success proves the Assembly’s wisdom in awarding these vital franchises in the opaque manner that they were ten years ago. Times have changed since then, however. An open and transparent tender process this time around would surely be to the benefit of the Assembly’s constituency.

There may, after all, be credible alternatives. Recent announcements in relation to the contract for Caldari Prime illustrate that the capabilities of even an organisation as reknowned as Mordu’s Legion can evolve over a decade.

The people of Viriette have other natural allies in their neighbours, as the ISP’s conduct during the Rise incident demonstrates. I can speak from personal experience in saying that -1SM- is frequently deployed by ISP to meet security threats in Viriette’s spacelanes. I expect that ISP, among others, would be able to submit a compelling proposal.


I have never understood how a decade-long consistent and vocal campaign for self determination, and full repatriation of powers to the Intaki Assembly makes us somebody else’s lapdog, but there we have it.

It is of course to be expected from some quarters. But to have the accusation parroted by those who, under other circumstances, I’d personally have been interested in exploring potential diplomatic ties with, is disappointing.

It is also a distraction from the topic of the Shipping and Security franchise renewal.

That said, it is worth pointing out that, contrary to Ms Naresh’s assertions, there was an immediate humanitarian effort in reaction to the Reschard V disaster.

Yes, the Federation may have been found wanting, but Mordu’s Legion were a key part of that relief effort, and the initial, ill-fated, relief fleet, which was callously attacked and destroyed by an overwhelming force before it could reach the planet.

It is my view that this only serves to strengthen the case for a Mordu’s Legion franchise renewal.

Mr Menkalinan, however, raises an interesting suggestion with regards to Intaki Space Police.

He is correct in his assertion that, like Mordu’s Legion, ISP also have a record for providing security patrols within the Placid region and, like Mordu’s Legion, this has occured in the wake of lapses and neglect by FedNav forces. The example given is of course the RISE incident of YC109.

It is still my view that Mordu’s Legion has the stronger record as the encumbent security franchisee for the Intaki system, but I would be interested to see what the Intaki Space Police could bring to the table. I am sure our friends in the Intaki Syndicate Militia will be lobbying their contacts at the ISP to encourage them to consider the idea.


An excellent post, Suresha Bataav. While I have been busy in recent months with planetside lobbying and activism, I have not forgotten about my duties and responsibilities to the Intaki people with my power as a capsuleer. Important points have been raised so far, and I am inclined to agree that both Mordu’s Legion and Ishukone have a reputable history in the system. I suppose we shall have to wait and see what the response will be from the Intaki Assembly!

The Intaki Resilience Advancers stand with you.


I thank Bataav Suresha for his sure leadership in this area.

The Ishukone - Intaki partnership is a special relationship. Through ten sometimes challenging years it has been a constant star in the heavens, providing secure prosperity for the people in the Intaki system.

Ishukone maintains a sound professional relationship both with Mordu’s Legion and the Intaki Space Police, so whomever the Intaki Assembly chooses to provide security, it is certain that this special relationship will be able to continue, which of course would be the preference of the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive.


I read the latest developments from Mordu’s Legion with interest.

I’m curious as to the purpose of the recent summit on Intaki Prime, and the exercises that appear to be running in parallel in Intaki and Luminaire.

If this is an indication that Mordu’s Legion intend to echo their withdrawal from Caldari Prime, and will not seek a renewal of their Intaki franchise contract, then I assume they are assessing the PMCs taking part as potential replacements.

Of course Mordu’s Legion is not in a position to choose an alternative Security franchisee, that decision rests solely with the Intaki Assembly, but any PMC that receives an endorsement from them can be assured they are doing something right.

I look forward to learning more from the developments as they happen.


While freedom and ability of self determination is the right of any member state within the Federation, I seriously would hope that the Intaki Assembly will come to their senses and choose to re-establish a Federation Navy presence within their sovereign space. The Federation Navy is a more than capable force, and such a political move would surely ease the dissonance that exists between the various Intaki colonies in Placid and the Federation at-large.

If not the Federation Navy, then perhaps one of the Gallente-based PMCs that are joining Mordu’s Legion in these upcoming exercises.

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The Intaki Assembly has not lost its senses.

It’s well established that one of the stipulations for Intaki membership of the Federation is a minimal Navy presence in the Intaki home system.

The Federation Navy simply has no juristiction in Intaki, and in YC112 a FedNav fleet was denied access to Intaki from neighbouring Agoze.

Intaki System Command could not have been clearer when they informed the Admiral commanding the fleet directly, the Federation Navy is “neither required nor welcomed.”

That has not changed.

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Namas Tayam

It is perhaps understandable for a matter of such strategic importance, that news has not been very forthcoming regarding the Intaki Security franchise, due for renewal this year.

What details have been released have been very vague, and have only served to raise more questions than answers for those of us with close ties to Intaki and its people.

Each of the recent Galactic Hour roundups that have referenced the Intaki Security Franchise, and the ongoing mercenary exercises, have been very concerning.

Not only do the Senate appear to be interfering in a matter of domestic system security, via funding and legislation more appropriate to external defence at the Federal level, but there have also been reports that one of the more controversial mercenary organisations taking part in the exercises have desecrated sites of Idic significance on Intaki Prime.

I can confirm that in response to the reports of desecration, the Intaki Prime Relief Effort immediately sent a team to the Idamic Centre to offer any assistance that may be required.

I will also be sending correspondence directly to the Intaki Assembly, local senators and contacts at Mordu’s Legion in an effort to gain some clarity regarding the situation.


Intaki Resilience Advancers anxiously awaits more news regarding the situation on Intaki Prime. Until then, we will also be sending teams to assist in any way they can. We will apply pressure to the Intaki Assembly to immediately remove Onikanabo Brigade from the system. This PMC was afforded the welcoming presence of the Intaki people as they were candidates to provide security for our people. The fact that they have desecrated Idic sites is unacceptable, and the full legal ramifications of such a move should be explored once a complete investigation turns up appropriate details.


The Senate’s use of war powers to extend and fund mercenary contracts on Intaki is another example of the current trend towards Federal interference with Members’ constitutional prerogatives.

Having contracts with multiple mercenary organisations was always going to lead to ‘interface’ issues. Having contracts with organisations that have limited relevant cultural background was always going to lead to ‘community’ issues. I doubt the Senate cares much in either case.

I urge the Assembly to assert its rights to control the franchising process and seriously consider the possibility of involving those for whom Intaki’s cultural heritage actually means something.


Suresha, I hope that you have misread Commander Adams’ statement and he is saying that the Senate should not be involving itself in these contracts.

Although news of a Triglavian invasion on the border of Placid and Syndicate is of great concern, I am pleased to see reports of Intaki Space Police assisting the authorities in affected areas of Placid. As I said above, the Intaki Assembly could do worse than reach out to its natural partner just across the border in these troubled times.

The Intaki Syndicate Militia has (working with NADSC) been supporting the defence of Luminaire for the last 72 hours but will be redeploying to Orvolle to assist our client (and others) in every way possible with this current threat.


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Intaki Space Police Delegation Visits Navyii Akat for Talks with Intaki Assembly

In light of developments over the past several months I am curious what ILF’s current position in regard to the Security & Shipping Franchise is.

A statement will follow shortly, hence the unlocking of this thread.

Namas Tayam

YC121 has been a difficult year for Intaki and its people.

As what became known as the Intaki Crisis developed, the attention of many was drawn to the security arrangements for the system, and the performance of the incumbent franchisee - Mordu’s Legion.

Early in the spring, before the events on Intaki Prime, I had made a formal statement on behalf of the Intaki Liberation Front regarding the franchise, and remarked on the performance and professionalism of the Legion to date.

My comments echoed the sentiments of a much older statement I made in early YC115 where, on behalf of the Intaki Prosperity Initiative, I also voiced our support of the Legion, prompting a wider discussion on the security of the system in general.

During their ten year tenure, Mordu’s Legion have have successfully defended Intaki interests, both on the surface of Intaki Prime, and throughout the system. Therefore it has been with extreme confusion and disappointment that their response to the crisis appeared to fall so far short of expectations.

Our position is that the people of Intaki deserve an explanation of the Mordu’s Legion response to the violence on Intaki Prime. The Intaki Liberation Front, with the support of the Intaki Diaspora, intends to maintain pressure on the Intaki Assembly to achieve this.

However, while the current franchise comes to an end under a cloud, we also look forward to learning which groups hope to be awarded the contract for the future.

Many among us are very interested to see that the Intaki Space Police have sent a delegation to meet with the Assembly, and we anticipate that they will be shortlisted as potential security franchisees.

As ever, I am inclined to wait until we know more, before committing the ILF or IPI to supporting one group or another. If and when I’m happy to provide an official endorsement, a statement will be made to that fact.