[IRESA] A Moment Of Silence

The following is a press release from the Intaki Resilience Advancers - a social justice and political lobbying entity dedicated to pushing for Intaki rights.

Intaki Prime

Namas tayam.

Recently, the Viriette Constellation was under siege by forces from none other than Sansha Kuvakei himself. This certainly isn’t the first time this has happened, nor will it be the last. However, one thing that remains true after each and every incursion into the constellation is a lack of support and relief from the Federation.

Children lose their parents, who fight valiantly against the hordes of advanced Sansha vessels.
The Federation cares not.

Parents find out their children are taken against their will, only to be converted to puppets for Kuvakei’s legions.
The Federation cares not.

Infrastructure is destroyed. Homes are lost. Lives are ruined.
The Federation cares not.

Despite attempts to reach out to our local senators, no answers have been provided. And while we, and the Intaki people, are grateful to capsuleers who have banished Kuvakei’s forces from the constellation once again, we implore they do so with greater speed in the future. We will resume our lobbying efforts in the coming week, but for the remainder of this week IRESA will seek to help our brethren where we can.

If you find yourself traveling through the Viriette Constellation any time soon, please offer up a moment of silence aboard your vessels for the Intaki who continue to suffer at the hands of an inefficient government.

Thank you,
Mishielle en Carteau


While I will always have concern for the miseries of the Intaki people, I cannot support the blatant baiting that the Intaki often show toward the Federation.

On the one hand, the Intaki Assembly tells the Federation to stay away out of their space - in fact, it was one of the conditions the Intaki Assembly had set prior to joining the Federation.

And on the other hand, the Intaki (though I must point out it is often Intaki capsuleers and not the Intaki people) would chastise and condemn the Federation for their inaction.

I have no love for the Federation, but I cannot stand idly by whilst this flagrant hypocrisy runs further amok. If the centuries old conditions are no longer applicable, and the Intaki wish for Federation involvement, then we can debate that, but routinely pointing out their failings as though they are entirely and exclusively at fault is fraudulent at best. As a former secessionist, I would love nothing more for the Intaki to rise up and show the strength of will to secure our own sovereignty without the blight of the Syndicate weighing on our shoulders… but we cannot ever accomplish that routinely blaming other peoples for miseries we ourselves have constructed.


Correct. The Intaki will need to re-negotiate their status in the Federation, or the Federation would be in breach of the terms of the original treaty. Honestly I’m amazed it hasn’t already happened years ago.
Actually now upon further investigation it should have happened years ago, as the Intaki system is now inside the CEMWPA warzone.


I disagree, I don’t think social justice is served by complaining about the Federation and how it neglects us. These are terrible things to have happened, true. But we can’t blame the Federation for neglecting us if our treaties say that the Federation is not to be involved in Intaki affairs within Intaki space. Why aren’t you petitioning the Intaki leaders to either make a defense treaty with the Federation or to increase the strength of the Intaki military forces?

Frankly, I’d rather see Intaki increase their military strength in the region to protect their own borders. Not to be hawks or anything, but just to provide adequate protection for Intaki interests.


Did the government of Evaulon VII have a defense pact in order for the Federation Navy to react and prevent the decimation of an entire city full of thousands upon thousands of innocent people? No? Yes? Well, it doesn’t matter. The ashes of a ruined city and countless lost lives remain there on the surface to this day.

How about the mysterious and sudden annihilation of an entire colony on Reschard V? An attack which turned a vibrant and peaceful Intaki agricultural colony into a barren wasteland? Oh, well clearly that happened because the Assembly mandate for the Federation not to meddle intensely with Intaki affairs. So I guess that just makes it okay then, right?

I guess when the Federation’s ideological nemesis, the Empire, strikes against Federal lands it warrants an overwhelming response by the Federation Navy, but when truly dangerous entities like Sansha’s Nation strikes it warrants nothing. I don’t think Ms. En Carteau is the hypocrite here, no…

I guess just because the Intaki Assembly has this agreement, every devastating and preventable disaster that happens on Intaki colonies should just be overlooked right? Is that what some of you are suggesting? If so, you’re not worth replying to further.

I agree with some of you only in that Ms. En Carteau and her friends aren’t doing enough - or rather, they aren’t doing things the right way. The time for words and hoping for this inept Federal government to do something useful for the Intaki people is long past, my dear. Take your blasters, and carve out peace, stability, and safety for your home with us.


Truer words never spoken.


Totes what I said.

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Your offer is noted, but I simply cannot condone your method for achieving lasting change for our people. My chosen path is not the easiest, but at least it minimizes the chance of further bloodshed.

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Looks like your method hasn’t been doing well. Ours? We’re just getting started.


Hmm, how would have been the attack on Reschard V been preventable? The attack was so sudden that even CONCORD’s vast monitoring network managed to register a capital ship entering the system just minutes before the attack - and, it being later identified as an Avatar class Titan, there should have been a Federation Navy Erebus there to meet it for any hope of succesfull prevention of the disaster. The attackers made sure that nobody who wasn’t already there could interfere, even with a perfect response time - and there certainly wouldn’t be a second generation Titan protecting a small colony in a 0.1 system.

You do understand that in any other system under Sansha attacks the local navies focus on protecting the baseliner populations, and leave the Sansha forces cleanup job for the capsuleers? This is not something Intaki/Federation specific, all other Empires do the same thing.

No, that is not what anyone is suggesting, you adorable little angster.

Oh shmeckles you’ve not formed a Doki Doki Atron Club have you?


The equivalent ship would be the Tristan, and anime would be the wrong meme for Intaki.


Yes but somehow it doesn’t have the same punch as Atron. Doki Doki Tristan Club. Sounds kinda meh.


You know, despite their rather *haughtier than thou" attitude I think I sort of like them.


If you wish to oppose Intaki membership in the Federation, or even if you merely wish to badmouth the Federation, you of course have that right. I will not stop you - I have better things to concern my time with.

But let me give you a tip, if you want to do that: don’t be so callous as to use Reschard, Evaulon or incursions in the Viriette constellation to advance your agenda. It muddies your message and makes you look like a jerk.


Trying to change the cluster by being a very important and serious player in interstellar politics tends to be best left to those who are no doubt intellectual heavyweights, not an anime based ship fanclub.


I get the impression that absolutely no one pays attention to the message opened every single time when you enter an incursion area.

I suggest you read it and pay attention to the part that states “CONCORD and local security forces are assisting in evacuation efforts.” Local would imply either the Federation, or local Intaki forces or maybe both. Just because your ship scanners don’t pick them up doesn’t mean they’re not there, much like the listening posts or the vast majority of non-civilian traffic.

By all means rant and rave at the Federation, I have no love for it, but will people please stop sweeping the inconvenient truth that local forces do respond to incursions and it’s our bloody job to take to the offensive roles in support of that under the carpet. Honestly, bunch of embarrasing cry babies.


I find it interesting that a dimwit with no investment in Intaki or her colonies to be commenting on a topic like this to begin with. I guess the need to inject your overloaded opinion onto matters that don’t concern you isn’t something unique to Luminaire Gallente. Thank you for proving my assumption on people like you to not be worth replying to further. Carrying on.

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D’aww out of retirement so soon, hun? And here I was beginning to enjoy less crowding of fools on the IGS. Why don’t you go back to your private meetings with Amarrian priests or whatever it is you Amarr boys do.

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Yet are her points wrong? She hasn’t proven to be a dimwit here so far, so I’m curious.

Thank you for proving my assumption on people like you to not be worth replying to further.

I don’t recall her saying that the Federation is blameless in their interactions with Intaki, or that Intaki interests and people should be ignored during disasters. In fact, she said that the Intaki should cut a new deal due to the fact that the Federation has allowed the Intaki systems to be contested in the CEMWPA. Perhaps you can explain where she said what you feel is worth ignoring her over?


How are you trying to change the cluster, Ms. Gesakaarin?

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