ISP for Intaki!

Thank you ISD.

I thought it worth reviving this given yesterday’s exciting news that the Supreme Court has overruled the Federal Security Council’s directive stopping the Intaki Assembly from pursuing negotiations with the ISP about the future of Intaki’s security franchise.

I will follow up with some further thoughts but my initial reaction is that, whatever your view of the security issues, this decision strikes an important blow in defence of States’ rights and to limit the Federal Government exceeding its constitutional Authorities. Surely a good thing for the health of the Federation?

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It’s good to finally see some more progress made on this critical issue, but still the pace crawls frustratingly slowly.

The delays for a new security franchisee to be appointed for the Intaki system should serve as an absolute embarrassment to the Federation.

It is well understood by those familiar with Intaki politics that the topic of system security is a detailed and nuanced affair. But, what should be as crystal clear as the famed boulevard in Caille, is that under the Federation’s own franchise system, it is the Intaki Assembly who gets to award the security franchise in Intaki.

But not for the first time, the Federation has sought to overstep its bounds, and interfere in matters of internal Intaki policy. Interference which has done nothing but prevent the Assembly from carrying out their responsibilities, and has left the matter of security up in the air for months.

This is inexcusable.

The Assembly was able to confirm a number of franchise contracts months ago, but the Federation has sought to delay and frustrate the settlement of one of the most sensitive and critical contracts of all at every step of the process. In doing so they have created serious and unnecessary risks to the security of the people of Intaki.

Any moral high ground those within the Federation may have claimed in the past when discussing Intaki security has simply been swept away by this debacle, and we’ll take no criticism and disapproval from them in the future.


I can never match the eloquence with which my dear friend, Bataav of the IPI, delivers in his statements. However, I echo the sentiments in his aforementioned comments. Following the atrocities inflicted upon the Intaki people on their home planet by Lai Dai security forces and the Onikabo Brigade, I would imagine that any sensible politician on the Federal level would be eager to speed along the security franchise negotiations of the Intaki system. Shame on the Federal government for halting progression of the security franchise contract managed by the Intaki Assembly.

Now on the matter of the ISP’s competency and ability to do their job as security enforcers, I can only speak with the highest regards for the men and women who serve aboard ISP security vessels. Throughout my years of operating from Syndicate, I have bore witness to the tenacity, capability, and professionalism of the ISP with regards to protecting the shipping lanes in the region of Syndicate. I have total and complete faith in their ability to prevent another disaster, such as that seen in YC120-121, from falling upon the Intaki people on Intaki Prime.


While the Intaki Assembly has every right to self-perseverance as any other member state of our great Federation, I firmly believe in this rare instance that the Federal government was justified in halting the negotiations of the Intaki system security franchise with the Intaki Space Police.

It should come to no surprise that the Intaki Syndicate does have some connections with the Serpentis. The depth of those ties is irrelevant. Remember the shock that rocked news headlines when it was discovered that the de facto leader of the Syndicate, Silphy en Diabel, was discovered to have working relations with the Serpentis in a bid to establish dominance in the black market trade in and around Federation low-security regions? Or how about when Serpentis warships launched an unprovoked attack on the city of Rilnais, razing it to the ground and butchering the lives of countless Federal citizens?

By permitting the potential acquisition of the Intaki system security franchise with ISP, we, in effect, permit the Serpentis-affiliated scum within Syndicate direct access to the inner workings of our great Federation! This is unacceptable. I, for one, will certainly petition my district representatives to reconsider their decision on halting the progression of negotiations for the security franchise.

In summary, the Intaki people and the Intaki Assembly absolutely deserve the right to promptly replace the vacancy of their security franchise contract. However, in doing so, they should not be permitted to allow that vacancy to be filled by an entity which is recognized as a hostile force to the Gallente Federation. To do so would be to spit on the graves of millions of dead Federal citizens in the rubble remains of Rilnais. Unacceptable.

You effectively seem to be saying that the Intaki Syndicate and the Serpentis Corporation are the same thing. That is simply not true and you provide no evidence to support the allegation other than rumours about a single station leader. Syndicate aligned forces had no involvement in the attack on Rilnais. It is you who disrespect those lost there by invoking their memory for political purposes.

Furthermore, the Syndicate is certainly not hostile to the Federation, as you allege. I think you may have spent some time away from the pod and possibly the news lately. Please refer to my comments at the start of this discussion for evidence of the distinguished part that the ISP played in assisting the Federation face the Triglavian invasion.

I understand that many have concerns about the Syndicate. Again, please see my initial comments about the opportunity that this contract presents to normalise relations between the Syndicate and the Federation. Surely that is the best way to address these concerns. The policy of exclusion pursued for 220 years now is clearly counterproductive, at best.

Lastly, petition your district representatives if you wish but they made no decision to reconsider. The decision was taken by the Supreme Court, which is performing its role admirably in defending the constitutional Authorities of Member States. The Federal Government does not get to pick and choose the occasions on which it complies with the Constitution.


In many respects, they can be labeled as the same thing, yes. A statement of fact is not a rumor, Mr. Menkalinan. You know as well as any other person with access to GalNet that en Diabel was stripped of her roles with the Sisters of Eve following the revelation of her working alongside the Serpentis Corporation. As for the memory of those slain on Rilnais, no…I invoke their memory to prevent another tragedy or worse from ever occurring again. Your time spent in Syndicate has clearly blinded you to the true nature of the Syndicate - a den of criminals and moral depravity.

Where was Syndicate when the ashes settled from the damage done to Rilnais? You claim that they are so eager to help now, but where were they then? A singular action does not override a history of apathy, Mr. Menkalinan. It was a mistake of Federal forces to permit the Syndicate in assisting with actions related to the Triglavian invasion. Lucky for us, however, it does not seem that the Syndicate were out for something more. The same cannot be said for those in the State “helped” by Guristas.

A normalization of relations? Sir, you are asking for normalization with a political entity that reeks of Serpentis influence. And as we all know Serpentis are no friends to the Federation. Salvador Sarpati himself was quoted as saying, “I will destroy them [the Federation] by showing them just how powerful that science can be. There will be no peace and no let up. I swear vendetta, in the name and for the memory of Igil Sarpati,” in a Scope interview with Alton Haveri. There can be no normalization of relations between the Federation and Syndicate until the Syndicate strips itself of any and all connections with Serpentis. I doubt that is even possible.