ISP for Intaki!

Then prove yourself, Auriga Menkalinan! What are you, coward or killer?

I feel it is high time Security of some form is restored the Mordus force that remains shows little sign of activity and has previously seen itself stand back and allow plunder of Intaki Prime.

At this rate several generations will of passed on to the next cycle before a decision is made.

How long has this Intaki stuff been going on for now? I think it’s proven beneficial for all groups involved (bar the Intaki and Intaki special interest groups) to just kick the can down the road and avoid poking any bears in an Empire that might get a tad upset about, you know, people being able to determine their own fate.

I don’t know how I can help - if at all - to get any kind of resolution off the ground but let me know if there is anything to be done.

I support the ISP security bid quite emphatically, but at the current rate of continued resistance, I’m almost inclined to make a bid of my own for the Franchise, to see how the Federal Administration would react given the circumstances.

I agree with you that it is a disgrace. The lack of action clearly speaks to routine Federation hypocrisy and veiled malice. Intaki’s sovereignty will never be respected so long as she remains entangled in this complicated democratic shell game. Her security needs will never be addressed so long as the Federation wishes to keep her dependent.

I do hope that the issue surrounding the security franchise is resolved to a satisfactorily conclusion that both the Federal Government and the citizens of Intaki can find agreement on. Whilst my own objections to the Intaki Space Police being appointed as protectors of the Intaki Federal District are quite vocal, if this is the unfettered will of the people, it will be respected as such. I am sure that you are very well familiar with the dangers of rushing to implement a decision without first considering the potential outcomes, as is the Federation.

I am sure that you can understand the reason for the constant delaying of their approval as the Shipping and Security Contractor for one of the most important Federal Districts in the Union. That the Assembly still has not been brought to account for their quite frankly dishonest and corrupt actions during the Intaki Crisis is a crime in itself, a monstrous betrayal of their oath to their countrymen, and any decision they make can be considered suspect until such time as a purge is carried out of any disloyal elements within that august body.

It is unfortunate that it is that security concerns across the Federal Defence Cordon remain a cause for concern after the pillaging of the Intaki and Eugales systems by Lai Dai and their associates. The ongoing occupation of the majority of the Defence Cordon by State-aligned forces, in particular their ‘asset security units’, generate an atmosphere of fear and a climate of uncertainty for all member states there, not just in the Intaki Federal District. That certain State-loyal organisations have decided to make constituent Federal systems their business to intrude upon by meddling in security affairs only adds to the fraught circumstances the Cordon finds itself in. It is an unenviable state of affairs which I hope can be rectified, although I fear it will not be any time soon.