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Well, if we are going to use this thread for this discussion (apologies Ms De’Lane), then it is worth pointing out that following the Tovil Trials, President Yiona’s administration reviewed the acts of the Duvalier administration and considered reconciliation with the Intaki Syndicate. I am sure there were many reasons why this did not happen then, Yiona’s agenda included an active war and fundamental constitutional reform, but there seem to be fewer reasons why not now.

The exile of the 5,000 may have been legal under the martial law prevailing at the time but the continued prohibition on colonisation seems like multi-generational collective punishment that sits awkwardly with the spirit of the Hueromont Reforms and current federal law.

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Returning to the matter at hand I have a substantial investment on a temperate planet facility in Syndicate. The facility is a zero emission assembly of components plant to ensure the local flora and fauna are not impacted. There is also modest town that has sprung around the assembly inside the dome. There would be no luxury lodging at this time so would be more suitable for clientele looking to slow down their busy life and return their spirit to a calm state. Lodging in basic lodging. There is a Intaki Ida temple and a Achuran Monastery for the work force the Monastery offers lodging to those searching, I myself have used this lodging. The planet has a above average gravity with 13.747 m/s^2 and has created a lethargic herbivore dominant fauna making it further ideal for the explorers. Do note however the clientele will need to endure a 1 day decontamination and scanning process leaving and entering the facility dome. With the fauna being so vulnerable we are very diligent to not bring foreign creatures or bacteria to the ecosystem.

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In general I don’t agree with many of I-RED’s positions, but I do strongly agree with their stance on reconciliation with the Intaki Syndicate. I think, with the perspective that comes from history, it’s clear that the original 5000 exiles were victims of the Gallente nationalist furor of the time. Whatever anyone might feel about that, even if we assume the original 5000 were guilty of a crime deserving punishment (which I, personally, don’t agree with), continuing to punish their descendants is stupidly cruel.

I would like to see the restrictions on planetary settlements lifted. I would like to see the Syndicate either granted full status as a sovereign power by the Federation - instead of this ‘protectorate’ status that seems to simply mean ‘we have a gun pointed at you, should you misbehave’ - or for the Syndicate to rejoin the Federation as full members.

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One must not dismiss someone even for a disagreement of one stance as one is usually multi faceted and may agree elsewhere.

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Please don’t remind me.

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