Syndicate region, Make it great again

For me and for many other people Syndicate is a very special region, with its particular geography its the perfect place for many small groups to make a foothold on 0.0 and start maturing into pvp. With many low-sec entrances its very hard to block, so the stronger groups cant purge smaller groups from their place, and with defensible pockets of all sizes it can be home for small corporations and even small alliances. I believe that Syndicate is among the best kindergarten of 0.0 pvp corporations where they can organize themselves , train FC and gain numbers, and that a healthy region has an oversized effect in the game, as this groups move from it to sov wars.

There are countless examples of corporations that started in Syndicate, the most notorious being the Goons. Most people who had been around eve for a while, have lived at least for a while there. I will leave this link where you can read more about the region itself:

The problem with Syndicate is that right now is almost desert. And there is a reason for it.

There is no reason to live there. Does CCP expect people to live in high sec and then move to Syndicate for pvp?. Every region of EVE is better to do a living. Including High Sec. It happens to many 0.0 npc when compared to sov null, but curse has Serpentis and Angel Missions, Pure blind has Mordus and Sisters, even Stain has a reason to live there, even if its not very good, In the form of the Shansha Loyalty shop.

In Syndicate the Intaki syndicate, with had perhaps the worst loyalty store in eve, and mostly quafe, wich you can run in High sec and has its loyalty shop flooded by Factional Warfare. No sov upgrades for ratting, not very good mining, nothing.

I propose: GIVE SOMETHING UNIQUE to Syndicate.

Perhaps something to the Intaki sindicate shop that people want to use (I have quafe agents BTW, so no self interest here).

Perhaps you can make it a null factional warfare region, after all Orvolle is a FW hub.

Perhaps some kind of anomaly for gas mining,

whatever you want…

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Unique things like great armor plates, surgical bubbles and some other things already there? What Syndicate needs again are people living there, that’s all. And all constellations need to have at least one or 2 good L4 security agents.

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I still hope that one day, the Intaki syndicate get’s upgraded to a “real” pirate faction with it’s own ship line. Intaki Space police cruisers come to mind.

Another possibility would be a faction citadel / structure line, the lore of the region is focused arround an alliance of “station lords” with a common military force (The intaki space police).

Syndicater btw :wink:


You want something unique for Syndicate to make it great again? then think about the possibility to open the door for those who want to travel down there. The main entrances to Syndicate are always camped, you’re hunting and killing down everyone who’s trying to visit Syndicate - travelers, traders and visitors have no chance against your “all time favorite activity”.

You want from CCP to give something unique to Syndicate but all of you down there are doing the best possible to destroy that region.

Remember, Providence was once one of the greatest Null regions 'cause the NRDS politics. Want to make Syndicate great again? then open the doors to Syndicate instead of making a “Group of Lunatics” out of it.

Sorry, but your information is pretty much outdated. These camps got pretty rare.

The ships you lost (according to the killboard) where all in FD-MLJ, at that time inhabited by mercenary coalition. They are back in Sov 0 now, it was just their staging point for summer vacation / regrouping.

MHC, 97x, etc are much more accessible. You have literaly choosen the worst place / time for that route i can imagine.


Indeed, its a long time since i’ve been there.

I’m glad to hear it, i will give it a try again and i hope more ppl will come there to visit, to stay or to make business in Syndicate 'cause its a great region. :slight_smile:

Nice to hear. But don’t get me wrong, most players are in Syndicate for pvp, so you WILL get shot at and sometimes gates still get camped. But not more than in other regions.

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Come out and help us purge Init outta here :stuck_out_tongue:

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While i concede that their loyalty point shop is not completely without interesting things, I hope you may agree that compared to the Mordus, which i consider lore wise at the similar level, its severely lacking.

Plus, the intakis do have a lot of agents around, they just dont have a main mission hub like the angels for example. As comparison the serpentis have like 2? lvl 4 agents. I think that is more or less covered, as we cannot hope for a big change.

Syndicate pirate ships is too much i suppose, i dont want to dream so much, but they could make upgraded versions of the Upwell structures, much like the faction POS, That could be enough, and they are probably going to ad them anyway for other factions.

I have not lived in syndicate for years, but I make the occasional tour. It used to be groups of people in every system, now is really very empty, as an example, when i write this, the Faurulle entrance has only 79 jumps in the last 24 hours.

And I disagree that Syndicate is or was a heavily camped region, it has 7 gates to empire, and 2 more at less than 10 jumps in cloud ring. Its way easier to get in than say Pure blind, which has only 3?. You just have to not go to Orvolle. And I remember that my first corp went twice a day to break the Orvolle gatecamp. It was part of the fun.

Did you know poitot is the only named system in syndicate?

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There’s always room for improvement, yes.

With regards to the agents: What I mean is that the YSG- constellation has no L4 agent. The PC9 constellation also doesn’t have L4 security agents. Same for the 9GYL constellation.






Did you know that poitot is not the only named 0.0. Doril , Utopía and some others in curse have name.

I propose that the region have a few new systems added to it, with a couple of them acting as alternate routes to the region from Gallente space in order to circumvent the bottleneck by Orvolle.

I also propose that the Intaki ‘discover’ a new neighboring region to Syndicate space that enables them to strengthen their organization in relation to the other cartels, and also provides new exploring opportunities to capsuleers.

They did, they made it the shittiest of all.

Syndicate has already more entrances to low / highsec and is more accessible than every other NPC 0 region. That’s really not the problem and won’t change anything.

For comparison, Stain has 0 (!), not even a lowsec gate. Curse has 1 (as far as i know). Syndicate has 7.

Which is perfect. If CCP buffs it into a super-duper look-at-this-LP-store region you can count on some medium sized entity moving in and kicking out the locals.
Just enjoy it as a starter region, and when you have the feeling you are growing too big for the small pond, move somewhere else.

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Medium entities cant control Syndicate. Because of its geography. That is why Syndi is important.

Intaki Syndicate has agents security lvl4 in 7? systems, Space police in 12?, and the bank has 2 more. Im not sure how many are in different places, but Im sure that there are at least 10 different hubs, most of them nearer to empire than to the other hubs. It would take an entity of the size of goons to control it, and with no sov to take advantage and 7 entrances it would be roaming paradise, even if you cant live inside.

Right now, its not a starter region, if you want to start something you go deep into sov null and pay rent, because there is no point in living in syndicate. That is what my argument is about.
I encourage you to take a look to dotlan and look at where the agents are. Im confident I can convince you.

And please stop thinking its camped because you just came in through Orvolle. There are 6 other ways!!!

in the Y9G and Rebelier you only have ONE low sec to get to high sec, and MHC you have 2!!!. But everybody goes to Orvolle.