Does a Perfect 0-blues place exist?

Hrm so Im expecting lots of ‘noes’ :DDD in response to this post but hrm I should ask incase I am missing out on some wonderful region or area that would be perfect for my kind of little group (and the NPSI fun fleet community I FC and manage) to live with.
(Not including the Goon controlled Querious goon slave camp fight club)

Ive been wondering if there exists a region of EVE where select PVPers and people who dont like nullsec blue doughnuts can go and live in, in a nice area, without having to set many people blue, pay anyone or bend the knee to anyone that is far, far away from highsec?

Ive lived in Great Wildlands and was a part of the loose coalition there and ive also lived out in Venal NPC nullsec and made friends with random hotdropper people there. But I wonder if there is a SOV region that wants efficient PVPers that are welcome without trying to paoch them or asking them to setup x10,00 players worth of blues for them (blues that dont mind if you get on their lossmails are fine, like when they are going to die anyway like when on Bombers Bar, Spectre fleet etc) and all their allies or trying to demand tax (they manipulatively call this rent) from other people playing EVE?

If such a place does not exist ima just have to go and kill lots of random nullsec carebears with my lovely NPSI community I manage and make such a place :DDDD I just wonder if there is an elite group out there that likes the company of other PVPers without asking them to bend the knee?

Or does a Freyjia these days have to kill hundreds of carebears and evict stuff to get this kinda thing?

p.s I dont read the forums often or the EVE Reddit im too nice :DDDD Ill check over replies somewhen :slight_smile:

Yes, they do. Everywhere. You just need to setup your own group (corp/alliance) and never blue anyone but your own group and then take over sovereignty.

Neutrals and neutral friendlys usually welcome to live in provi…a little problamatic atm with pl bugs running all over it.

@Dyver Phycad Mhm looks like what ima have to do :DDD

@Seerin Darkness Noes Provi is a joke and incompatible if you go on NPSI fleets, defacto blues.

So… you want to be NPSI… but you don’t want them to shoot you back/destroy your structures/kick you out when you shoot them?

I can’t see how anyone would welcome you in their space if you are going to shoot them and their friends. What you want to do is fine everywhere in Eve… but people will shoot you back and not give you access to their structures.

Sounds like WH life is what you might be looking for here. Us little nullbears tend to have powerful friends close by which is how we got to be nullbears in the first place.

Npc nullsec.

You are actually describing Wormhole space. Just set up in a nice C2 with a null sec static and you can fight people in the chain and pop out to kill nullbears wherever. Virtually no wh entity keeps permanent blues.

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