NULL SEC change needed asap

I was making a listing of the low/high sec connection to Null and noticed that Syndicate is being unfairly treated, like a Rifter that has had it’s utility slot removed. It has 6 where as Delve has just 1. This need to change in the fairness and balance that Eve strives towards.

I move to make at least 10-15 links from Null to everyone else in Eve per region. This will definitely spread the love and make it more balanced on Syndicate citizens

More connections = more potential content. Why is this a bad thing for a NPC Nullsec region mostly populated with small / medium sized pvp corps?

As we speak about Syndicate… Did you know that Poitot is the only named System in Syndicate?

Syndicate citizen, btw :wink:


there are no null region locked WHs…

there are a total of 10 types of WHs that connect to null and they have the exact same chance to connect to any null system except for those that are upgraded to have a slightly higher chance.

do some research before making threads

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The OP actually DID some research - even mentioned the result, and that’s why he was posting.
What made you think the OP was talking about WHs?? You are aware that other connections apart from WHs exist, aren’t you? (damn, what was the main connection between systems called again? :stuck_out_tongue: )
Hehe, sorry, no pun intended. Wait, yes there was, but just the proper dose.

But on topic:
Imo a few more routes wouldn’t hurt. But I also doubt that these would really improve the universe (or I don’t see how they would).

probably because he used connections <- terminology normally used with WHs and not gates.

but if its about gates i still see no need to change it. areas should very one way they do is how many connections they have to other types of space

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