Venal - Active PvP & Industry Pilots wanted! RL First Corp!

Nisus Corporation - Founded in 2016 and restarted in May of 2020 is recruiting active pilots for our adventures in the NPC Null region of Venal.

Member of an active alliance (as of June 15th, 2020) with experience in null space - definitely lots of content available for all members.

Currently our focus is on PvP players or Industry players that don’t mind PvPing. We don’t have a monthly PaP/Fleet requirement, but we like people to participate regularly.

There is also options for Mining/Missions & Ratting.

Current Corporation Benefits:

  • Low Taxes 2 to 5% at most
  • Incentive to PvP; we are currently offering a 500 million isk monthly pool to be paid out to our most active pilots.
  • A portion for the total profits the corporation makes will be shared with all members.
  • Experienced CEO in null space
  • Industry opportunities

New Players welcome - as long as we can ensure you can survive out here and enjoy the game. We want to make sure you can have fun out here!

Interested in joining? Join our ingame channel ‘Nisus Pub’ to chat or for our discord link.

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