NISUS: Null Sec Small Alliance Recruiting for PvE and some small gang PvP. US TZ Mainly


(Zadia Shanara) #1

Nisus is looking for fellow pilots to fly within null. We have a nice little pocket and plenty of opportunities to mine ore or ice. There is also plenty of room to rat in angel space.

We have small gang pvp opportunities within the alliance and some cap fun within the coalition.

Come join us in Nisus Pub, or convo me.

Fly fun.

(Zadia Shanara) #2

Always looking for more members. Come relax with us.

(Zadia Shanara) #3

Come chat with us anytime.

(Zadia Shanara) #4

Feel Free to Fraternize!

(StretchTwo Skor) #5

Ive been playing for a couple weeks. Id love to get into Loe or Null Sec. How do I join?

(Zadia Shanara) #6

Things are going well! Hope they are for you. Come chat with us in game, or in the public discord:

(system) #7

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