¦US TZ¦ null-sec - Need Indy and PvP! New to PvP? - you can learn with us!

Nisus Corporation - Based out of Scalding Pass recruiting new and active players for PvP action! Our recruitment efforts are focused on pvp but indy players are welcome as well we have a dead-end system for you!

We are located in Scalding Pass - great constellation for everyone! Content not far away!

Our corporation is heavily focusing towards PvP activites, to that end we are offering several incentives for PvPers!

  1. We will reimburse you for the cost of training for our doctrine ships.
  2. We pay out a % of total kills for the month to active pvp players.
  3. We have people that want to form fleets in all time zones.
  4. Need to make isk? We have several systems for you to rat/mine in to make isk!


  1. We pay you to train for our ships!
  2. Corporation has an Ore/PI/Ice purchase program
  3. Regular Boosts!

If you have a life outside of EVE, join us. We like people to participate online, but we do not expect you to be online 24/7. No membership fees!

:diamonds: Fun, relaxed atmosphere! Voice comms, etc!

Mail - SpaceTigerCross or join the 'Nisus Pub" channel

#pvp #null-sec

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We need indy pilots! Miners Welcome! Lots of fun!

Recruitment Still Open! Come have fun!

Join us! Join us! Join us!

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