Null Indy/PVP Corp LF new alliance

Hi Everyone,

Nisus Corporation is looking for a new alliance as our current one is closing its doors.

We have a regular group of people that are online quiet often with the rest being online a few times a week and weekends. We are mainly US with a few EU folks.

We have lived in null for a long time, so we are used to it. While we are mainly focused on indy work, we do not mind to pvp as well and are very familiar with things like PAPS /CTAs etc.

We are looking to continue to grow our corporation, especially on the PVP side so we want to stick to SOV null.

Please post here, or contact me ingame under SpaceTigerCross.

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If you have 20 heartbearts, you should check out SLYCE. A lot of the larger null entities are going to require quite a bit of dudes, I know some of the southern alliances have requirements like 200 dudes.

Our meme is “don’t tackle our procurers” because we drop on everything that does.

I think this would fit your bill.

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Sent you a convo request on EVE if you’re on.


You should swing by our discord and we can have a chat! I can promise you; you will not regret checking us out!

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For what it’s worth, since I’ve worked with both you and Wormageddon…

SpaceTigerCross, the Wormageddon guys are good people.

Wormageddon guys, SpaceTigerCross is a great guy.

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Yay! Endorsement

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