Wormageddon - Nullsec PvP Alliance - Recruiting PvP Focused Corporations

  • Currently based in Tenerifis
  • Small - Mid Scale PvP focused
  • Capital engagements
  • Specialize in fighting outnumbered and outgunned
  • Holding SOV space
  • 0% tax in our structures
  • SRP
  • VERY active community and TS3 server

Who we are:

Wormageddon is a tight-knit community, previously being a wormhole PvP alliance. Now we have crawled out of our wormholes, grown even more, made new friends and have taken space in null to expand our PvP content.

Our roots have grown deep in both PVP and Industry, from recently focusing on Industry areas we have decided to return to our PvP mentality and that’s what we plan to keep! Although PvP is our main focus, we still have exceptional PvE and Industry content through the space we live in, including rorqual support and upgraded systems.

[WORMS] also provides a very unique service of providing all ships for fights along with their SRP, so you never have to worry about having ships ready for fleet ops which occur pretty much every day! No fleets are compulsory, we strongly advertise our RL first attitude, but we like to get involved in as much things as we can! We are based in Tenerifis and PvP stuff.

What do we want from you?

Firstly, we don’t create lists of who’s been attending what fleet. We see things in a unorthodox way, and do not follow the ‘traditional’ format most null sec alliances use.

Our expectations are simply your efforts, keeping RL ahead of the game. We look for corporations that look to help bolster aspects of our alliance. For an example, if your corporation does a lot of industry aside to PvP areas, we would find that of value to fuel the war machine. As for the PvP, content creators/FC’s, hunters, people pushing people into fleets, seeding PvP ships, sending out pings and preparing people for war are all things that help us run, other to just having numbers in fleets. So all we expect, is for you to fill for 1 or 2 of these roles!

If at all interested, get in contact!

  • Azzectra (EU)
  • Xeno Dragoon (US)
  • Wesley Cruster (US)
  • Somer Adoudel (US)

Discord: https://discord.gg/8e37Qu3


WORMS = :fishing_pole_and_fish:


Come drop by and see what were about!


Still looking for corporations!!

Good and experienced guys! Friendly bump

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Seeking both PvP and Indy corporations!

Still looking!


No PAP’s! No DRAMA! Just good times!

Wormageddon are still on the look out for more corporations!!

Still looking!

Got plenty of opportunities for interested corps, get in touch!

Sweet little NS pocket if your looking for a place to relax: PvE or Mine, we have a ton of opportunities.

Fresh content!


We have a ton of content! Looking for like minded Corps to join our honey hole