How much has changed?

I’ve recently come back to game and researching what has changed since I left.

How much of a difference has it made now that the short and relatively safe route from Amarr to Jita is cut off?
It used to be that Amarr was the closest rival Jita had as an alternate trade hub because WH used it a lot. Has it gained importance as a hub or has Jita become even more centralized as a result of being cut off?

Is it worth risk of running through the low to arbitrage trade?

the short route is still there but it’s trought a low sec system ( ahbazon )

Yeah but how often is it camped though? Seems like it would be an obvious place for piracy, hell gankers used to camp the high route from Jita-Amarr because so much trade went through.

Also I’m wondering how much has it affected trade, since I think less people would be willing to move through it.

Virtualy ? all day
In reality ? there some hole in the camp time zone where no one is camping

Use this streamer to know when it’s camped and when it’s not UedamaScout - Twitch

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