Best station for starting trader

So I’ve started station trading in Jita for a few days now, andI can’t help buut notice that the competition in Jita is insanely high, and leaving my orders for one night typically leads to some 10+ players making better orders. I’ve gotten pretty tired having to modify my orders every few hours, so I’m wondering should I keep trading in Jita, or would a smaller hub like Amarr be better?
Any help is appreciated. :wink:

It’s gonna be a little this and that. Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Hek/Rens are the big main trade hubs in the game. You’ll have soaring volumes in Jita unlike anywhere else but with that comes the competition.

Maybe consider a smaller hub than the four I mentioned in a mission hub or a secondary region? I’m not a full-time trader but just wanted to offer up my observations anyway. I think I recall @suitonia once talking about how he would set up buy orders in farther regions because people would basically ‘dump’ their faction ships instead of shipping them all the way to Jita.

Best of luck

Also would help to focus on one place imo so you can focus getting the standings up for the corp/faction who owns the hub

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It might be a good idea to use a different trade-hub. >

  • 1Major Trade Hubs
    • [1.1Jita - The Forge - Caldari Space]_Caldari_Space)
    • [1.2Amarr - Domain - Amarr Space]
    • [1.3Rens - Heimatar - Minmatar Space]
    • [1.4Dodixie - Sinq Laison - Gallente Space]
    • [1.5Hek - Metropolis - Minmatar Space]/
  • [2Secondary Trade Hubs]
    • [2.1Oursulaert - Essence - Gallente Space]/
    • [2.2Tash-Murkon Prime - Tash-Murkon - Amarr Space]
    • [2.3Agil - Khanid - Amarr Space]
      Actually Amarr-Space is sort of cut-off since the gate in Niarja is closed. There is an acceptable road to Jita but it is leading through low-space.

Maybe the High Sec Space in Solitude would work too but It might be difficult to get there.

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