Trade Hub Question

Hey everyone, i got as a question, so i know jita is the primary trade hub however its also very populated for a new player to earn a good amount, Would an smaller population hub work better? Say Amarr for example, set up shop there instead while still remaining in high sec

Generally yes. Smaller hub means smaller competition but also smaller volume traded. So while there is generally less people outbidding themselves. Items move at slower pace and it might take longer time to fill your orders.

Considering amount of trading done in Jita. Even for total new player with less than milion isk. There will be items with high margins and somewhat low competition. Consider amount of isk traded in that item per day. Seasoned trader probably won’t bother to look at for example, very cheap meta modules. Even if margin between sell and buy orders is above 100%, with high volume between both types of orders. Simply because amount of isk trader per day in that item is not worth wasting his time and/or market slot. While you will be doubling your wealth with even single successful item flip.

My point is: Don’t get scared of size of Jita. Give it a try. It might seams overwhelmingly big and dominated by vets. But in reality, amount of trading inside that station simply opens opportunities to anyone. If you find it to fast paced, go to less popular hub.

Even if things may move slower outside of Jita, you can in many cases make a higher profit. If you make a higher profit, then even if items might move a little slower it can still give you the same or greater profit per time unit. Not only that, but outside of trade hubs you can many times corner a market. If you are the only one selling something, you can have even higher markup.

This is especially true if you are willing to go outside of highsec to sell. People would then have to think “Hmm waste a couple extra mil on this overpriced module” or “waste time and/or jump fuel to get it to me”, especially when the cost can be made up from blowing up a couple of rats the buyer is likely going to buy the easy to get convenient item now rather than waste logistical energy to get one from Jita.

Also if you are placing buy orders the same thing applies. People think “sell my item here and be done with it” vs “time wasted hauling to Jita to sell”. If you are willing to deal with the hauling, then buying items in the middle of nowhere can be a profitable game.

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