List of Trade Hubs?

Where are all the best trade hubs in the Eve universe?

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Jita, Amarr, Dodixie (in that order)

Some would say Rens and/or Hek in minmatar space but they’re marginal at best


This is a good list to refer too.


Additionally, you may find

useful - it gives a view of costs and availability over the whole of New Eden. The best prices may not be at the major hubs (and Hek and Rens aren’t too bad) but out in the more peripheral sites as it avoids the cost-to-market.
Understanding the economy is useful for understanding the market.

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Jita (+Perimeter) is THE Hub. So it also attarcts scammers and pirates, so always be careful.
Amarr (+Ashab) is not very far away with good prices.
Dodixie is getting weaker, but you get and can sell everything there. Had some nice contracts there.
Hek + Rens (+ Frarn) are local hubs for the vast minmatar regions, you get and can sell fairly everything there, but for really expensive items you travel to Dodixie or Jita.

What they said, plus near to each is a private trade hub chain that is very competitive and has tethered docking/undocking.

You will see it in the market.

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