Bad topic / links

bad links within that topic. one leads to a concerning security site, the other leads to a closed site.

I can’t find a reporting feature, please post a simple link somewhere to report stale answers.

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You do realize that is 6 yrs old right?

3rd party sites or apps tend to stop working when the devs of those either get bored or stop playing.

Once upon a time there was eve central
Then eve-prasial
Now there is something called jannisary and goon-prasial.

A couple groups do public byback for a % of jita, but you don’t need to move it for most of those.

Though really, if you want to just get it off your hands take it to Jita or get Frog/PushX etc to move it for you.

Some of the info might be outdated but this is a pretty good list of Trade Hubs…

It was more about the eve marketer links, not necessarily about trade hubs. OP was complaining about the two market links not working.

Well, guess I must have misunderstood since the link is about a list of Trade Hubs, not about 3rd party Market sites…

Anyway, this is a pretty good 3rd Party Market site…