WTB old junk

Hello I am delivering double wrapped expensive ■■■■ and I need junk to fill the cargo, hiding the package. If you have a bunch of ■■■■ in Jita, contract it to me. I don’t care if it’s overpriced and I probably won’t be checking the price. If the contract looks good as it brim full of crap, I’ll take it. Thanks.

Obviously I won’t be using my main char to deliver, sorry :slight_smile:

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Sent a bunch of random crap.

Well Thank you I wasn’t expecting isk for anything :heart:

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Haha this reply makes it seem like a fake thread, I even had someone message me about my “scam” :joy:

In case someone has misunderstood: I AM NOT ASKING FOR FREE ■■■■. Set your price, I probably won’t bother checking if it’s overpriced. If it looks good, Ill take it.

Shame its only for jita and not amarr as well.
Oh well

Lol? I sent ■■■■ for free… Then Jules sent isk… I never wanted isk for the junk I sent.

Good Person.

Scam my arse.

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