T2 BPC sales

so months ago i was doing invention and had a buyer for all my bpcs based on what he wanted. that buyer has since quit the game. i have spent the past 3 months just trying to sell my 3 run 3/12 manticore bpcs under priced on the exchange with no luck at all.

Is the bpcs market pretty much dead because i have 600 bpcs i did most of them bombers or cruisers?

if it is i may be forced to build what i have to claim some of the isk i used in the invention process and leave commercial reseach

Thing is t2 ships aren’t as good profitable as modules, unless you do PI and reactions, etc. think the guys who profit from t2 ships building do their own inventions. Now as per modules, it’s perfectly profitable to just buy the materials required and building from a bp

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Why would someone buy T2 BPC at all for manufacturing? All your profit would go to the BPC seller. Just build these Manticores and flood the market with them. You have 8M profits before market taxes on a Manticore with your BPC.

just flood the market, push prices down and make your profits insignificant

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oh yea, material price 32mil, sale price 34mil…
clearly see 8mil profits hahaha before taxes

(don’t forget production cost)

Manticores are around 28 million to build without building components and around 26 or so if you build components right now. So, yes, you would profit around 5 - 8 million depending on market and building facility costs.

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