WTS Capital Radiation Conversion Unit BPC

Does anyone wanna buy the BPC? You can build the Zirnitra

If you want it, please reply or mail me.

My name is Sakura WU, thanks for your reading

how many run’s are the bpc and a price would be nice :slight_smile:

1.5b isk

We already lose more than 3 Ships in Tri invention so I would not give a low price sorry about that. 1.5 B isk to sell this BPC. Thanks for your reading, and hope you gys have a good day.

is it all the time you actually mean Tri INVASION, rather then INVENTION ? because this is really confusing, how can you lose ship in invention ?!

Yes, If you wanna get the BPC from Tri invention, you need to attack the observation point. And you need to face the dreadnought. The damage can be reach to 10k+ when he attack you, and we died lol. So if u wanna buy, just mail me. Thank you for your reply

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