Selling a Supratidal Compact Entropic Disintegrator BPC

only has one run
starting bid a 100 mill

buy out bid is 4 bill

oh my god its you again! i thought you quit eve after losing your venture bpc.

glad to see you stuck around:)

I never did there have been times when I have stoped playing for a bit though

Good. A lot of people dont stick around and end up missing out on our great game.

OP, im not sure if youre aware, so in case you didn’t, I’ll throw it out there.

The Supratidal Compact gun itself is going for 7 million isk on Jita market, and the BPC is currently 80k isk. I dont think you’re gonna get the price youre asking for it. Again, you may so by all means i wish you luck. Im just letting you know in case you weren’t aware.

Fly safe o7

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