Player Owned Station Broker/ Sales Tax Questions

How is the broker fee determined in player owned stations? Do standings decrease it?

If I owned a station and ran the Market Service, would I be able to pay absolutely no Sales Tax?

Broker Fees are set by the players owning the structure. Sales Taxes are determined by the skills.

The Market entry in the Services tab shows the Broker Fees percentage of the structure market.

I see. So if I was running the market service in a station I owned, I could set the broker fee for myself to zero cutting out the 4-5% broker charge I have to pay elsewhere.

you can potentially if not going that route, get your broker fee down to almost 3%

For player-owned structures, there is a minimum fee of 100 ISK or 1%, whichever is greater. 1/2 of this goes to NPCs, so you have an effective minimum of 0.5%.

A player currently offers the public a 1% broker fee so I guess there is no reason to have your own structure for marketing.

In high enough volumes, 0.5% matters. But unless you are moving items worth trillions of ISK on a monthly basis, the difference is probably not worth the expense and hassle of maintaining and defending the structure.

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