~20b in assets spread thinly

Hey all,

Posting on alt account for obvious reasons. I have 2 characters about 15 years old. Each account has about 15b worth of assets. The trouble is, the vast majority of this is spread around in 50-100m ships all across the galaxy. Along with misc. assets.

What I’ve tried: Flying around in a very safe scout ship, using needlejacks, trying to sell these items for 75% Jita prices when I land/get there. This strategy has proven not to be very time efficient.

Offer: I will sell you 100% of the stockpile for 43% of the Jita price. Whatever that works out to. I am an honest businessman.
Alternatively, I will sell you the top most 75% items at 75% Jita price. Or in other words, we would agree for me to give you the top 75% most valuable planet stockpiles for 75% of what they would sell at Jita.

Willing to negotiate. I’m looking to consolidate isk from the many years I have played into isk that I can spend on blingy pvp ships.

Serious inqueries only, please.

Fly safe o7,

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This ad has been around in various eve related streams.

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Have a rep of theirs contact me and we can talk


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Was it a fire sale? did you leave and return? In any case welcome back.

Grab some PI materials off the regional market and hold them.

I’m sorry what? It’s your stuff, you go do it.


Ok that’s a little bit rude

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15 year old eve pilot and questioning such reply?

we do have a forum section that you can place a offer for your pilot or even a section for your wares.

That’s the problem, don’t think many will be willing to put effort for such pocket change money (each). Extraction is super easy nowadays, but tedious and time consuming.

Also if the ships are 15 years old, they probably won’t fly anymore due to rebalances and slot layout change, and rigs are not refundable.

You, of course, were referring to yourself dropping a personal command like you`re speaking to Red Lobster wait staff, with an apology in the offing for whom you were offensive - correct?

Behave or you’ll face the incoming train and its driver. :stuck_out_tongue:


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